Out Of Shadows’ Creator Exposed And It’s Rather Worrying Who’s Behind It


A documentary called Out Of Shadows landed on YouTube back in April and it really made the rounds, and we’ve discovered who was behind it.

I’ve been covering this documentary quite a lot on Small Screen – probably a bit too much.

However, the documentary did raise some interesting and rather shocking points about Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Many points raised in the documentary I agreed with.

Hollywood has a huge issue when it comes to sexual assault. It’s run by men who constantly abuse their power.

Watching this documentary then lead me to seek out more information about what’s been going on in Hollywood for years.

I ended up reading Ronan Farrow’s excellent book, Catch and Kill, and listened to his podcast.

Farrow’s book and Out Of Shadows exposes really important truths about what goes on in Hollywood.

Farrow’s book, for example, exposed people like Harvey Weinstein and other sexual predators, many of which are still working in Hollywood today.

Out Of Shadows makes a lot of good points

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However, I had an issue with the Out Of Shadows documentary.

It seemed to be overly obsessed with Satanism in Hollywood and really leaned hard of the religious angle.

The people involved in the documentary seemed to be very focused on people like Marina Abramović and oddly enough, Katie Perry music videos.

They claimed that many people in Hollywood are using satanic symbolism to control the masses.

I know this can sound scary to many religious people out there.

However, this also got me thinking, who made this documentary?

It became very clear that the people behind Out Of Shadows were very religious people, most probably devout Catholics.

That’s when I started to search for the people behind it, and I couldn’t really find all that much.

Going to Out Of Shadow’s official website, outofshadows.org, the first thing you can see is a cross.

I always become very dubious when religion is brought into things because it often gets in the way of genuinely analytical and critical thinking.

Out Of Shadows’ creator is a man called Philip Blair

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It was then brought to my attention that a YouTube channel called Torch of Christ Ministries might be the people behind Out Of Shadows.

Someone posted a comment under one of my articles on Out Of Shadows claimed that Torch of Christ Ministries were behind the video.

They said I should go and have a look at their YouTube channel.

So iI did, and it’s pretty clear that Torch of Christ Ministries’ Philip Blair is the man behind Out Of Shadows.

First off, the documentary was also posted on their channel a day after it was posted on Out Of Shadows’ official YouTube channel.

Then there’s the fact that his voice is exactly like the narrator’s voice in the documentary.

Normally, I wouldn’t have an issue with a religious person making a documentary about Hollywood’s darker side.

However, going through his YouTube channel, it becomes very clear that this man has some very questionable views on society and how we should live our lives.

There are some videos on there that are very transphobic and homophobic.

He’s very close to religious fanatical extremism and that does make me worried.

He posts a lot shouty videos in which he’s trying to ‘save people’s souls’.

He once called a man in a wheelchair bitter because he was disabled and “too bitter ask God for help”.

Philip also got into a rather heated argument with a man on a train in Syndey, which he later made an apology video about.

You don’t always have to force your beliefs on others

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I want to make it very clear that I have nothing against religion or people expressing their religious beliefs.

I actually think we can learn a lot from religion.

The fundamental beliefs of all religions are forgiveness and spreading kindness and helping others.

However, I do think it’s rather worrying in Out Of Shadows’ case because there does seem to be an ulterior motive behind the video.

By making this video, I feel that Philip is trying his best to ‘convert’ people.

This is the main issue I have with religion, especially the Catholic faith.

Philip preaches in his videos, and he’s always trying to tell people the word of God, whether they want to hear it or not.

I’m of the belief that people should be allowed to believe what they want to believe.

Let people live their lives as long as their not hurting anybody. That’s what I think, at least.

Let me know what you think of Out Of Shadows’ creator Philip Blair.

What do you make of this article?

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