Is YouTube Preventing People From Finding The Out Of Shadows Documentary?


There’s a documentary which was posted on YouTube last week Out Of Shadows and it seems as though the video-sharing platform is preventing people from finding it.

Now, let me start off by making it very clear that I do not agree with everything discussed in this documentary.

That said, I felt the need to talk about it because something very odd came to my attention about it and how YouTube was handling it.

I am not the type of person to believe in conspiracy theories, and there are a lot of claims made in Out Of Shadows which aren’t backed up by much evidence.

That said, it doesn’t mean the people making these claims are wrong.

It just means I have to go and do more research myself, and it’s something that anybody watching this documentary should do any way.

Out Of Shadows begins with former stunt man and actor Mike Smith explaining how he first became aware of conspiracy theories involving Hollywood and the C.I.A.

It then starts to go into a lot of conspiracy theories about Hollywood brainwashing the masses.

This is something that has been happening since the very beginning of cinema.

YouTube might be stopping you from finding Out Of Shadows

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There’s also a lot of stuff covered in the documentary about how Hollywood’s operated in the past and Jeffrey Epstein which I found to be rather interesting.

I really do believe there’s a lot of truth hidden away in this documentary, however, you really have to sift through it to find it.

The documentary does have a tendency of bringing things up and not really giving any answers or proof.

Things like claiming that Hilary Clinton and President Obama knowing about what Jeffrey Epstein was up to.

It even hints that Hilary Clinton might have been a part of Epstein’s sex ring, which I still need more proof to believe.

However, delving into the comments on this YouTube video (which I never suggest you do), there was a common theme popping up.

People were claiming that they were typing in ‘Out of Shadows’ into YouTube’s search bar and the video wasn’t coming up.

Normally, I would be rather cautious about claims like this.

People are basically saying that YouTube is trying to silence the video without removing it entirely by making it non-searchable.

Is YouTube trying to silence this documentary?

Out-Of-Shadows-YouTube Disney Hollywood

Always question what it is you are watching, reading or listening to – Credit: YouTube

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This seemed odd to me because as of writing this article, the video’s got over 6 million views on YouTube, so people are obviously finding it.

However, after looking into it myself, these commenters do seem to be right.

It really does seem as though YouTube isn’t making it possible to find the video via their search engine which does suggest they are trying to silence it.

I tested this theory myself. If you type ‘Out of Shadows’ in YouTube’s search bar, the video doesn’t come up.

One of the first things that comes up is a trailer for a 2016 horror movie of the same name that only has 194K views.

There’s also a trailer for Taika Waititi’s What We Do In The Shadows, which is close but not the same thing.

This seem insane to me because the video’s had so many views and even though I don’t agree with about 80 per cent of its content, I don’t think it should be censored.

I do not believe this is a video worth censoring, which makes me think why YouTube has done this.

It’s also not officially ‘trending’ on YouTube despite having a huge amount of views.

There’s nothing in this documentary which I would class as offensive or dangerous.

Don’t believe everything you hear, see or read

Out Of Shadows is an interesting, if a little muddled documentary

Out Of Shadows is an interesting, if a little muddled documentary – Credit: YouTube

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It could be put under the ‘fake news’ umbrella, but even that’s up for debate.

I would argue that so much of it is so over-the-top that trying to silence this video is only going to make more people seek it out.

That seems to have been what’s happened as far as Out Of Shadows is concerned as it currently sits with over 10 million views on YouTube.

There’s no violence here. It just discusses conspiracy theories, and then I starting to think there could be something bigger here.

But then I stopped myself because I was starting to feel like a conspiracy theorist myself and I just couldn’t handle any more mental stress at the moment.

What I will say is that the documentary is interesting and probably worth watching if you’re at all interested in Hollywood.

However, I would remain very cautious about it because they don’t really offer up too much in the way of evidence that what they’re saying is true.

It’s a lot of hearsay and claiming that we need to use ‘critical thinking’.

I would argue that some of the people interviewed in this documentary need to critically think about some of things they are claiming as fact and maybe do some more ‘research’.

We discuss Out Of Shadows on this week’s episode of Small Screen Stories

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That said, it isn’t all nonsense. As I mentioned earlier, some of the stuff here about Jeffrey Epstein is very interesting and probably deserves a documentary of its own.

Yet, it started to lose me slightly when they went into satanism and how certain artists such as Marina Abramovic were using symbolism to brainwash people.

There’s also a lot on classic Disney movies and how they were trying to brainwash children, which I’m very skeptical about.

However, I do like its underlying message. Always question what you are watching, listening to or reading.

No matter whether it be in a movie, a series, a podcast or a book, it’s always good to question the information you are being given.

This message can also apply to Out Of Shadows.

Have you watched Out Of Shadows on YouTube? If so, what did you think of it?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Pam

    If nothing in Out of Shadows is true, why the shadow ban by YouTube and Google? If believers in QAnon are touting silly conspiracy theories, why are their groups deleted by Facebook and their Twitter accounts suspended? It seems this is information someone doesn’t want to get out.

  2. Pam

    If anyone thinks for a moment that we haven’t been manipulated by our government via media, read about Jean Seberg and agents provocateurs. Just for starters.

  3. koie bee (@koiebee)

    It’s true, not easy to find in youtube. It is available at their webiste though, but such poor quality, it looks like a powerpoint presentation.
    Want to make it public? Someone grab the 1080p version and share it as torrent. If it’s not…
    Oh wait, it is available at vimeo with nice quality, go to outofshadaows[dot]org scroll down to the v logo

  4. Tanna Torkelson

    I didn’t it find it on YouTube, just a pile of negative critics. However, as I feel extremely similar to you on the matter—(maybe I lean to 70-80% I can show you some small bit of evidence)—why remove it? So my friend tried sending the website it was housed on as well, “out of the shadows .org” (no spaces) and I watched it there. I tried sending to my family and friends and couldn’t through Twitter or FB messenger so they had to type it in themselves as well. That was on Tuesday. It’s now just Friday and my phone browser will not open the website at all “not secure” and I’m now leaning closer to 60% if not less. WHY can that website not be there but I can see ghost chasers, mind readers, Bigfoot enthusiasts and aliens existing on other planets—but I can’t view that video?

  5. Pat Falbo

    Not only did Youtube remove this video but also took OVER 100 saved “liked” videos from my private “archived” videos. It is a violation of my freedom of speech,press etc…And since when they remove a video the title disappears too you don’t know what you lost or have any way to try to search for it by other means. I am shocked and angry that this has happened in our supposedly free United States!

  6. Ralph Snart

    Youtube is a private company. They can do what they want. They don’t have to allow a single thing they do not want to , there are no laws saying you have a freedom of speech on youtube. has anyone even read the constitution or is it like the bible in that those who spout it the most seem to have read it the least.

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