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Got A Confidential Scoop For Small Screen?

Have a pretty awesome movie or TV show scoop (DC Films/Marvel Studios/Disney/Star Wars/Netflix/Amazon Prime Video…)? Then, you can fill out the submission form below and let us know.

We ensure to keep all submissions completely and utterly confidential. We will not share your name or your email address. They’re actually not even needed to submit a scoop. All we ask is that your scoop tips include some suggestions on how we can obtain the documentation and/or evidence required to back up the story.

We review our messages regularly, but sometimes, we do take a while to respond. But, we always do respond in time.

What are the steps you can take to make sure you stay anonymous?


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  • Make sure you do not contact us on your work computer.
  • Use a VPN when contacting us! You can try the likes of Express VPN to protect your identity and IP address (other VPNs are available).
  • Don’t use your personal email or Gmail. Make one up specifically for contacting us.
  • Don’t contact us from your personal social media accounts. Again, if you wish to reach out to us on social media, then use one which you’ve set up with a dummy account, but it’s best not to contact us on social media at all.
  • You can use a different browser from Google Chrome. There’s a pretty nifty one called Tor which can keep your identity and private information secure.
  • Try to avoid personal communication with us via email, phone or social media.
  • Make sure you delete everything! Erase all documents, web history, messages, and proof of contact; do not keep trails of communication or activity anywhere that is normally accessible.
  • Finally, make sure you do not tell anyone that you’re a source. That’s a pretty bad move if you’re trying to protect your anonymity.

If you would rather contact us via email, you can. Use the email

We will not share your information with anybody. It’s called source protection in the UK. In the US they call it reporter’s privilege.