Out Of Shadows Makes Some Interesting Points But Fails As A Documentary – Here’s Why

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There’s a new documentary that’s turned up on YouTube which has really got people talking called Out Of Shadows.

I watched it twice the other day because I found it to be quite interesting, but also fundamentally flawed as a documentary.

It goes over some really interesting details about the current state of Hollywood and the western political system, however, much of what it covers, we sort of knew already.

We’ve known for years that there’s a lot of very shady stuff going on in Hollywood, and I’m sure there’s some creepy occult stuff going on behind closed doors.

With a lot of money tends to come some very strange habits, and I’m not surprised to hear that many of the Hollywood elites delve into satanism and satanic rituals.

This alone would have been an interesting premise for a documentary, however, this is where the problem with Out Of Shadows starts to arise.

It’s structure is all over the place.

It starts to talk about one thing and then brings up something completely different without offering any real evidence of proof to back up its statements.

There are a lot of people in the documentary saying that they’ve “done the research” and that once we’ve done it ourselves we will see the truth.

However, they don’t really delve into what research they’ve done exactly.

Out of Shadows lacks focus

Out Of Shadows is an interesting, if a little muddled documentary

Out Of Shadows is an interesting, if a little muddled documentary – Credit: Out Of Shadows

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There’s no focus to Out Of Shadows and that’s its main problem.

As I mentioned earlier, there is some interesting stuff in Out Of Shadows.

It’s true that the balance of political power is wrong, but we’ve known that for years.

There’s a lot of talk about cults within Hollywood and I’m sure there’s much truth to this. Hollywood is just one big cult after all.

However, the documentary doesn’t really offer any proof or evidence of this happening in Hollywood.

This is such a shame because there’s so much to cover here, especially with what’s been happening regarding the Harvey Weinstein case.

It could delve into that aspect of Hollywood life and the inner-circle, but it’s all very superficial in this ‘documentary’.

There’s a lot of hearsay, and preaching, but no actual critical thinking or empirical evidence, which is what you need here.

The documentary does mention Jeffrey Epstein and Pizzagate and I really wanted to learn more about this, but Out Of Shadows doesn’t offer any real insight into either of these subjects.

It does claim that Epstein is proof that the Hollywood elite are engaging in illegal sex trafficking and satanism.

The evidence is clear… Is it really though…?


Mike Smith in Out Of Shadows – Credit: YouTube

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This could be the case, but the problem with Out Of Shadows is it doesn’t know what aspect of this story to hone in on.

It ends up being really scattered because of this and offers very few answers and tries to cover too much stuff.

One reason why it might do this is because there’s actually still very little to go on here.

These are conspiracy theories for a reason – there’s still very little evidence to claim any of this is true.

There’s a lot of people saying, “the evidence is clear” and “the research shows this to be true”, but then nobody explains or details this “evidence” or “research”.

One of the reasons why this might be the case is because it’s still not there and we still need to do some digging.

This is Out Of Shadows’ main issue. It’s not really researched closely enough.

Take the link it makes with Epstein and celebrities.

They claim that his death is proof that he was silenced by the Hollywood elite.

The issue is that there’s very little proof behind these claims and it’s very much hearsay.

That said, I’m pretty sure he was silenced by someone, but we still don’t know who, and saying it was obviously the Clintons doesn’t make it true.

I’m pretty sure Epstein had a lot of stuff on many politicians and celebrities, including Trump.

There’s also the fact that Epstein was very much working in the background.

Where does the power really lie?

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He was a banker/financier. Not a celebrity. He didn’t have millions of followers on Instagram like all of Hollywood’s celebrities do.

I think the people behind Out Of Shadows have mixed up celebrity with where the real power lies.

I think what’s truly scary about Hollywood and politics in general is that decisions are being made by people in the background, people we know very little about.

That’s where the real power lie, not with celebrities in Hollywood. They’re pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Look at what’s happening in the British government and a political advisor called Dominic Cummings.

He’s at the heart of a lot of what’s been going on in the UK – Brexit, Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister.

It’s very similar to what’s been happening in Hollywood for years.

We know virtually nothing about film and TV producers, executive producers and studio heads.

It’s all about where the money is coming from, and the documentary doesn’t go into that at all.

It’s too bogged down with the stuff about the CIA and satanic symbolism in cinema.

Out Of Shadows has interesting points but it’s totally muddled

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Out Of Shadows gets far too into the occult stuff and don’t really try to take a step back and look at the bigger picture or try to understand what’s really going on.

Saying that Hollywood is trying to brainwash the masses isn’t anything new either.

Governments have been doing that for years. There’s evidence of movies being used to persuade public opinion in Russia, China, North Korea…

There’s also truth to the claims that the US government and military used cinema to get the public on their side during the Second World War and the wars in Korea and Vietnam.

That’s something we’ve known about for a while now, and it’s something we have to be very careful about.

We’re seeing it more and more today in American and Western society with media outlets.

I’ve worked for a few media outlets here in the UK and I’ve experienced first-hand what they do.

There’s always a political agenda behind everything and I’ve often been told to edit my copy to reflect the paper’s political leanings.

So, to cut a rather long article short, Out Of Shadows has a lot of interesting points, however, it’s very messy as a documentary.

It spends too much time on the occult and cults within Hollywood and offers very little actual empirical evidence.

Who made Out Of Shadows?


Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes opening monologue was also used in Out Of Shadows – Credit: NBC

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I would also question the motives of the people behind this documentary.

Many of the people interviewed in this documentary are ‘born again Christians’, and I’d be very wary because it does seem as if this video has religious motivations.

Going on Outofshadows.org, the symbol they use as their logo is the cross.

I think if you’re really going to try and do a documentary which aims to, as they put it on their site, lift “the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content,” then you have to keep your own religious beliefs out of it.

If you don’t, then you can’t claim to be unbiased and that’s what you need when approaching this sort of material.

You need to be able to put your own views to one side and focus on the facts.

There is a line in this documentary that I really love and it comes from comedian George Calin.

It’s taken from one of his comedy shows and in it he says: “That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

It’s probably the most insightful part of the documentary.

We need to adopt ‘critical thinking’ on everything, including this documentary

George Carlin has the best line in Out Of Shadows

George Carlin has the best line in Out Of Shadows – Credit: YouTube

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The documentary ends with Kevin Shipp saying: “We need to adopt critical thinking”, and I agree with this statement.

I think we need to adopt critical thinking when watching documentaries like Out Of Shadows.

We need to think critically about everything in life, and it’s the same with this documentary.

Where does this information come from? Who made it? Where’s the evidence? What’s their motive?

All these questions are important when discussing something like Out Of Shadows.

What did you make of this article?

Did you watch Out Of Shadows on YouTube? If so, what did you think of it?

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