Here’s Everything That’s Wrong With The Out Of Shadows Documentary


There’s a documentary that’s making the rounds on YouTube called Out Of Shadows, and I’m pretty worried about it. Let me explain why.

First off, I have to admit that there is so much discussed in this documentary that I really do think is important.

I think that there’s a lot going on in politics and Hollywood today that really needs to be looked into.

The ties between big Hollywood studio executives and the US government are far too close.

Take Harvey Weinstein, for instance. He was a huge benefactor to Hilary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

Then there are the leaked emails between Sony Pictures’ executives and government officials.

Hollywood and the government have been working hand-in-hand for years.

Just look at who they portray to be the villains in their movies. It’s almost always Russians, Germans, a British guy, and we’re now seeing Koreans (mostly North Koreans) being depicted as villains in more and more movies today.

Out Of Shadows makes a lot of good points


Former stunt man, Mike Smith in the Out Of Shadows documentary – Credit: YouTube

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It’s the fear of the outsider and you almost never see an American as the villain in big Hollywood blockbusters.

This is really something that needs to be changed in Hollywood, and Out Of Shadows does bring that to light.

Hollywood also does have a huge issue when it comes to sexism and sexual politics in general.

It’s dominated by men, and these men are now being outed as the sexual predators they are.

Again, take Harvey Weinstein as an example. He’s just been convicted, finally, after traumatising and sexually assaulting women in the industry for years.

Then there’s Jeffrey Epstein, which is an incredibly fishy and distressing case.

What happened with him and the close ties he had with Hollywood elites and celebrities really does need to be investigated further.

There definitely is something here which is really worth researching more, and Out Of Shadows touches upon all these issues.

However, there’s an incredible lack of actual research in this documentary which I find to be quite troubling.

This is my main issue with Out Of Shadows – its lack of empirical evidence and research.

Show me the research

George Carlin has the best line in Out Of Shadows

George Carlin has the best line in Out Of Shadows – Credit: YouTube

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I’ve spoken to a lot of people about this since watching the documentary and I’ve been told the same thing by many people.

“They want you to go and do the research for yourself”.

Let me explain the issue with saying that. The first problem is I’m not an investigative journalist.

I don’t have the financial or legal backing really required to go and do the actual research needed to verify all the claims in this video. This is actually really important.

I know that there are plenty of websites out there and people on YouTube claiming to be telling what they say is ‘the truth’.

However, there’s not really much research I can do myself to be sure that what I’m reading or watching has actually been verified.

This does go down to the issue that anyone can write and say anything on the Internet nowadays.

This is really my main issue with Out Of Shadows. There are a lot of claims being made, but they’re not demonstrating that they’ve done any research or show any empirical evidence.

There are a few interviews with a former stunt man Mike Smith, another stunt man called Brad Martin, former CIA operative Kevin Shipp and then a journalist called Liz Crokin.

Who made the documentary?


Liz Crokin in Out Of Shadows – Credit: YouTube

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These are the four people who appear in the documentary, and that’s it really.

I’ve looked into all of them, and there’s some stuff on the Internet about them, but not a huge amount.

Smith and Martin really are Hollywood stunt men and stunt coordinators and their resumés are very impressive.

Martin, for instance, has worked on movies such as Ocean’s Eleven, Spider-Man 2, The Matrix Reloaded, Batman v Superman to name a few.

He’s currently working on the Disney Plus and Marvel series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Avatar 2.

Shipp is a bit of a harder nut to crack. He’s often interviewed on morning TV shows and many YouTube channels and is always referred to as a former CIA whistleblower.

However, I noticed that his English Wikipedia page seems to have vanished over the last few days.

As for Liz Crokin, she was indeed a journalist with bylines at The Observer, RedEye Edition of the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times: Splash, Townhall, Elite Daily, Marie Claire and Us Weekly.

She also wrote a book called Malice and she’s been very vocal about the whole ‘Pizzagate’ scandal.

The issue is here, that most of these people interviewed in the documentary are also very vocal about their hatred of left wing politicians.

Liz’s articles, the ones I found at least, are all very pro-Trump and this is when the skeptic side of my brain really kicked in.

Satanism is a big deal in Out Of Shadows

Former CIA agent, Kevin Shipp in Out Of Shadows

Former CIA agent, Kevin Shipp in Out Of Shadows – Credit: YouTube

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This is also when the documentary started to go down the “Hollywood is just full of satanists” route.

It seems to have a hatred of satanists and artists like Marina Abramović which I struggle to comprehend.

I get that her work is rather shocking at times, but she’s an artist, and that’s what many of them like to do.

They want to push the boundaries of artistic expression, but it doesn’t mean that they’re satanits.

I also have an issue with Out Of Shadows’ obsession with Satanism and its religious and political leanings.

The documentary has very close ties to the Christian faith, which is problematic.

This documentary was made by people who are very Christian, and that’s fine.

However, I feel like this does get in the way of the actual story here because they’re so focused on the religious aspects and not the bigger picture.

You have to think about who made this documentary and what their goals were.

Was it to inform, or was it to influence? I feel that it was the latter in Out Of Shadows’ case.

The reason I say this is because the documentary doesn’t really inform us all that much.

Inform me, don’t convince me


Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes opening monologue was also used in Out Of Shadows – Credit: ABC

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It’s more a case of spending an hour watching something which is trying to convince you that what they’re saying is the truth.

That said, as I mentioned earlier, there is so much in Out Of Shadows which warrants more research and needs to be discussed more.

That’s where I’d recommend reading something such as Ronan Farrow’s book, Catch and Kill.

His book demonstrates the amount of research and sheer number of interviews he conducted in order to get to the truth.

None of that is evident with Out Of Shadows. The issue is that there is something bigger here which really needs to be researched and brought to light.

I suppose that’s what I find so annoying. I’ve watched Out Of Shadows about three times now.

Each time I sit there and think, “Yes, there’s something here, but it’s all very surface level stuff”.

And then the part on satanic cults starts and I think, “Ah, it’s lost me now”.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think Hollywood is just one big cult, but I really don’t think that’s the story here.

We need to think about where the balance of power lies in Hollywood.

Who’s really pulling the strings and what do we really know about these people?

What did we really know about Harvey Weinstein before he was front page news?

It’s good to question what you’re watching

Out-Of-Shadows-YouTube Disney Hollywood

Always question what it is you are watching, reading or listening to – Credit: Out Of Shadows

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I’ll tell you. We knew next to nothing about him.

The guy was thanked more that God at the Oscars and we knew pretty much nothing about what he was up to.

The same can be said about Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire ‘financier’ who was friends with all the right people.

He turned out to be a horrible person who was engaging in trafficking children.

The thing is, we still know very little about what he was really getting up to.

I think that’s the story there, and that’s what we really need to look into and do out research on.

The fact that Epstein died of ‘suicide’ right before his trial just makes the whole thing stink even more.

However, all that said, I still think Out Of Shadows is worth watching.

I’d just implore you to keep and open mind whilst watching it.

Listen to what’s being said and take it all in. However, you also have think about what’s missing and who made this documentary.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

I’ve had a lot of comments about Out Of Shadows over the past few days.

I just wanted to put all my thoughts down about it in one article. I’m sorry if it’s a bit rambly.

What do you make of this story? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Instagram pages!

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  1. Pam

    Some of the criticisms made about Out of Shadows can be said about most documentaries in which the topic is political or religious. All can be viewed as biased, just as the MSM is clearly biased.

    I disagree that the movie should be criticized because the views presented are the the views of 4 individuals. Isn’t that the case with many documentaries and news stories? We have been expected to accept everything the New York Times or ABC News tells us as true for decades. Now we know better. As long as the viewer knows who is presenting the information, what is the problem?

    I think the film’s biggest problem was pacing. The tried to present too much information in a viewable timeframe. This was something that should have been presented in multiple episodes. I realize they simply do not have that kind of funding, but it probably could have come together better over 6-12 hours.

  2. David Lechuga

    Well, people that state satan (satanism) or the occult is not evil need to check their morals and see what is right and wrong in this world. Only someone who perhaps is a satanist or practices the occult would say such things. Being open minded to the occult can also get you in trouble. The devil is the king of lies and can easily manipulate someone’s thinking, such as, everything you see and hear is ok to follow in this world. Anyway, I digress from my initial reason for commenting.

    I do believe that the reasons why the documentary seems that it may lack the research you desire to see is because it is dangerous to poke and prod this issue. Anyone of sound mind would have an understanding that reporting on something of this caliber would bring eyes on them and their loved ones. Just the mear fact that they made this documentary probably put their lives at risk. So to the nay sayers and those who wish it had more information remember that this is a sensitive subject matter and the truth isn’t so easy to report. There are entities in the media that will claim this is false and try to debunk the information. I found there to be many things in this documentary that show the truth is in plain sight; if you wish to see it. Look at the media and how bias it has become, see what they choose to report and how they report it. It sickens me to see what the world is really like. The truth is right in front of you, open your eyes not your mind.

  3. paulpeniscocker

    I thought the whole things was more the story of how two people became radicalized. It shows how the QAnon cult followers will pounce on the venerable and while that guy was doped up on pain meds and unable to move much so is able to just be in front of his computer with recommended videos that keeps saying the same unsubstantiated claims. How did that guy work for that many years in the industry and only finds out AFTER hes no longer in it and is hearing it from a woman who sounds absolutely nuts. They are following Trump as some savior when he is much more the description of the Anti-Christ than Obama or Hilary. If you believe this documentary, clearly you are not actually doing much research.

    You need to prove that the things you say exist first, and everything from the “pedophile code” to the constant symbols they see in movies, none of that can be actually proven to be real.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s like one long YouTube video on qanon or the Illuminati… and people who subscribe to conspiracy theories often tell me they “do research” themselves. Reading and watching stuff on the internet is not research. Interviewing people of one point of view is not research. To my standards this is not a documentary. What is at the root of all this “power”? Money. Why is our government so corrupt? Money. What is there a lot of in Hollywood? Hi Money. Money isn’t evil unto itself. But people can get away with a whole lot of immoral behaviors when they have it. It’s really not that complicated IMO.

  5. D Garcia

    Catch & Kill??? Hahaha is a good source for anything is a joke. He is an activist as his podcast is so left leaning it’s sad. There is so much evidence in Out of Shadows. The blatant symbolism is Disney movies you can see worlds like sex & nazi symbols. The pedophilia has so much evidence too. The FBI symbols that are found all over in Hollywood. The emails from Wikileaks talking about sacrificing a chicken to Muloch an occult god & words like wet work & fbi code languages in Podestas emails (do you research hack look on the fbi site) also the disgusting Instagram archive posts from all of the COMET Pizza network that you can find on because they deleted it. The flight logs from Epstein’s pedo island that hundreds of Hollywood’s bands are on. Ship denounces Q and is beyond credible showing documents & conforming MK ultra experiments done by the CIA that they admitted but said to have stopped. You obviously just want to be a sheep & discredit this 50 million person viewed awesome documentary. Oh and don’t get me started on Maria Abromivic!! She is a self proclaimed satanists & her art is nothing but child porn, cannabilism & occult shit.


  6. Anonymous

    Out Of Shadows caught and held my interest until I went to the website and discovered that a religion (Christianity) was the motivator behind it all. Ugh! FFS! and here I thought I finally found an independent-thinking platform that I could get behind. There is no independent thought running through any religious mindset yet this Mike Smith guy considers himself a critical thinker as evidenced by the merch from his website. He’s a contradiction unto himself and has lost any possibility of gaining my trust in his credibility and so for that reason, I’m out.

    • Kevin

      Question to you religious discreditor . Have you read the holy bible ? The whole book and research the symbolism and astrological correlation between the book and the stars ? If not , what base do you have in douting it ? And if you have i would love to hear what your research have led you to in order to completly disregard a book and a culture like such . ( and by the way im no christian or dont identify as belonging into any church , im just a curious and open minded man and find you comment very funny as it reflect the agenda perpetrated upon the global population to discredit religion at any cost even though 99% have never dived into it at all and just repeat the same words )

      • Sem

        Which version of the Bible are you referring to? Unless you’re talking about the original Ancient Hebrew and Ancient Greek texts then you’re dealing with translations and interpretations. Thanks to the numerous codices we have we know that there have been thousands of changes make to the text, most small, some accidental, some clearly deliberate. There is no astrological correlation between any of the books in canon and the stars, simply because we don’t have accurate enough dates for the vast majority of the stories in either the Old of New Testaments to tie them to what was in the heavens at the time. And the dates we do have are often wrong. For example, you’ll recall that King Herod plays a major role in the story of Christ’s birth — problem is that we know from Roman records and other sources that Herod would have been dead for at least four years before Jesus was born, so either the dates are wrong or Herod was a zombie.

        If you had to thoroughly investigate every religion before you disbelieved it, then you’d never get anything productive done. There are literally hundreds of religious sects and cults in history — learning about each one so that you can cross them off the list would be a bit tedious. But in actual fact you don’t need to, because all religions (by definition) operate using particular forms of thinking. Once you’ve realised those faith-based methods of investigating the world are dysfunctional, you can dismiss any conclusions that use those methods. (By the same token, once you’ve realised that witchcraft isn’t real, you can dismiss any and all magic spells and evil curses regardless of what their specifics are. You don’t have to go through the whole spellbook proving each spell individually wrong.) 😉

  7. Anonymous

    This article is b.s. It’s title is bait. The article doesn’t say that anything is wrong with ‘Out of Shadows’. The article just lightly describes some of the people who appear in the video. It also says to ‘watch it with an open mind’. But is doesn’t bring a critical assessment of the video. It’s actually a shill piece supporting the video.

  8. johnnyfooseball

    I do respect that this article at least considers the video’s points to be of importance…and that it isn’t like every single other article about this film that just blows it off from the getgo without even taking steps to actually try and debunk it. I am still trying to find an article that breaks down the documentary and takes it apart in an us biased way. Surprise that no such article exists….

  9. HOFBretFavre

    So you’re anti-Christian and anti-Trump. A double threat to reality and your open bias is exposed.

    Why don’t you deal with the crap in your own Country and leave the realities of hollywood and our politicians to the Patriots.

    Stick to marvel and fantasy, that’s something you’re semi-qualified to review.

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