Out Of Shadows Now Has Over 15 Million Views On YouTube Despite Being Banned


The documentary Out Of Shadows has now reached over 15 million views on YouTube in total despite it having been shadow banned by the video sharing platform.

Now, many of you might go to the Out Of Shadows documentary on YouTube and then say, “wait a minute, it’s only got over 11 million views”.

You might also say, “it’s only got over 3 million views”.

There is a reason why you’ll say that, it’s because the video’s been uploaded to multiple YouTube channels.

The main ones are the Out Of Shadows official YouTube channel and the Vice Gaming channel.

The reason they did this was because YouTube’s algorithm automatically ‘shadow bans’ any videos that discuss conspiracy theories.

They do this with videos discuss the flat earth theory, for instance.

Out Of Shadows has been viewed over 15 million times in total on YouTube

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However, even despite being shadow banned by YouTube, people are still finding Out Of Shadows on their platform.

As of writing this article, Out Of Shadows has been viewed over 11.4 million times on the official YouTube channel.

It’s then been viewed over 3.9 million times on Vice Gaming’s channel.

So, in total, the documentary has been viewed over 15.3 million times on YouTube, and that’s not counting the other re-uploads of the documentary there are on the platform.

This is pretty impressive considering how difficult the video is to find on YouTube.

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