Amber Heard Could Be Fired From Aquaman 2 And Spend Three Years In Jail

It’s now been revealed that Amber Heard could end up being fired from Aquaman 2 and might even face three years in jail if proven to be guilty.

‘Guilty of what?’ I hear you ask. Good question.

It was revealed via The International Business Times that Amber Heard could face three years in jail if she’s found guilty of faking evidence.

Specifically, faking evidence against Johnny Depp.

This whole story has been rolling on for far too long.

So, basically, Amber Heard filed for divorce and claimed that she was a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Depp.

She was seen outside with bruises and even a bloody nose.

However, there are now claims that she might have faked the whole thing.

This comes after it was revealed she was the one who sliced Johnny Depp’s finger.

Amber Heard could face three years in jail


Amber Heard could face three years in jail

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Before that came to light, it was said that he caught his finger in a door.

It turned out that she had actually thrown a bottle at Depp and it smashed on his finger severing it in the process.

All these revelations have lead to fans starting a petition on with the view of trying to convince Warner Bros. Pictures to remove Heard from Aquaman 2.

The petition has now been signed by over 428,000 people, which is a pretty significant amount.

Honestly though, I’m not sure if Warner Bros. Pictures will opt to remove her from the picture.

The main reason is because I’m not even sure they’ll end up making it.

The DC Comics movies are changing, mainly thanks to the success of Joker.

I think that Warner Bros. might look at that movie’s success and opt to make more films like it.

They might end up moving away from the DCEU movies in the process, which means no Aquaman 2.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Amber Heard should face three years in jail?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Harrison

    Yes I heard the videos Johnny did nothing how can you slit your finger in a door she deserves it she lies about everything her 3 year imprisonment is for the greater good Johnny deserves more

  2. Mari

    let’s get together and ask them to create a me too, for men too, there are many men who went through the same problems as johnny Depp, I have friends who went through it, there is no court or justice for the men who pass Johnny Depp has to make these men do justice to many men who died murdered by wives or ex-wives. there must be equality of justice. WB thinks we are nothing, so let’s show them the films that will be released. Fans that grow or destroy a film. we’re going to show them a movie or series without an audience, without fans. how would it be. Yes,deserves more imprisonments.

    • Carmen Young

      She abused all her partners including elon musk, she’s a gold digger, JD has had no ill repute with his ex’s his first wife he was with was for years and years and no violence of any sort and had 2 beautiful kids from it,now if that doesn’t say something then what does, those who think Amber heard is innocent are twisted themselves, bang on for dior in keeping JD for their aftershave and because of that their profits have hit sky high.

  3. Sera

    She should absolutely face jail time if her reports were false and intended to be malicious. If she utilized police time and resources by filing a false report, tied up tax payer money in the courts and went on to defame JD out of anger, spite or jealousy, merely as a self-serving attempt to retaliate against JD, yes, without hesitation, yes.

    If she deliberatly embelished or falsified even one detail, one punch or bruise, it undermines TRUE DV victims everywhere, and rewindes all the progress that’s been made to provide a safe platform for true DV victims to come forward. It also serves to make it even more difficult for those who would have otherwise sought justice and voiced their abuse in the future.

    The time those officers spent responding to that call is time they could have been helping others with a true emergency. DV calls are a very serious matter and puts them on high alert as well, what if someone had been shot accidentally or harmed because of that?

    The problem is narcissists live in their own fantasy world, they almost start to believe their own lies, and as successful manipulators, they often don’t fear any real, serious, tangible repercussions. She needs to be reminded that laws apply to everyone and that her actions have true consequences.

    Doubt she will however, given the dirt she has on some men in high places and other connections and “how” she was connected to them. . .

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