Locke And Key Season 2 Episode 10 Spoiler Review


After a rocky start for Netflix’s Locke And Key Season 2, it ends with an emotional bang (Episode 10)!

The fight between the Locke’s and Dodge goes to a head and the characters reunite.


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Tyler (Connor Jessup) is in a lot of pain from losing Jackie.

He clearly blames himself, and he wants revenge on Gabe.

Yet Kinsey (Emilia Jones), won’t allow him to do anything stupid.

The plan against Gabe all happened very quickly.

I expected most of the episode to surround the battle between the Locke’s and Gabe (Griffin Gluck) and all of his demons.

However, it seemed over far too soon. I was expecting some kind of big luxurious battle, where we wouldn’t know who was going to win.

The tension wasn’t there and it wasn’t built up enough.

The moment Kinsey jumped off the building, that was an exciting moment, which I really enjoyed.

However, then the tension kind of died. I was expecting a long battle that would last the majority of the episode.

Alongside a satisfying death for Dodge and yet everything felt far too simple.

After this wait, I wanted some really spectacular and that would keep me gripped to my seat.

Yet it was over within 15 minutes. I wanted more.


We spend a lot of this episode with Tyler as he comes to terms with what happened to Jackie in the previous episode.

It was a shock that Jackie was killed and it was portrayed perfectly by both actors at the moment.

Tyler literally goes through some stages of grief in this episode. We see his shock, guilt and anger over what had happened.

The ending scenes with Tyler were really emotional. We already know that season three of Locke And Key is already in production.

We discover that Tyler has decided to leave over the winter break to clear his head.

Also, he has made the decision to not use the head key, therefore he is going to forget his memories about magic.

Connor Jessup’s performance was good in this episode and his character got a good send-off.

Jessup can portray emotion well, but I still wished he would push these moments a little further.

His performance has been hit or miss this season and I feel like Jessup could do better at times.

It’ll be interesting to see what will happen to Tyler in season three, especially as his memories will be fading.



Credit: Netflix

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While the fight with Dodge is happening, Eden (Hallea Jones) has her own plants.

Unfortunately, Josh (Brendan Hines) is done with trying to find out what happened to his ancestor Gideon.

Josh’s part in the overall story hasn’t made much impact, but with the closing scenes, it becomes apparent that maybe this was just an introduction.

The next season is when Josh will have his moment and be more a part of the overall story.

I have wondered what was going to happen to Eden, now that Gabe cast her away.

She has her own plans which don’t seem to be working.

In the end, Eden is the last one left and I’m surprised the Locke children didn’t think about dealing with her.

She believes everyone has forgotten about her and believes she needs to pick up where Gabe left off.

Now that Ellie (Sherri Saum) is back, she can be reunited with her son.

For fans of the previous season, this is a huge moment.

However, yet again it all feels too easy.

She is simply given the key to turn back to her true form.

It was all over too soon and too easily fixed.


As we know Nina (Darby Stanchfield) has been really struggling these past few episodes. She has been feeling really left out. Finally Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) lets his mother in and tells her the truth. The flashback scene between Nina and Rendal was one of my favourite scenes of the entire episode. However, I don’t know if it was also some kind of easter egg. The number three was mentioned and it felt like a lot of emphasis was put on it, so I do wonder if there is any significance to the number three.

I’m pleased that finally, Nina is going to remember the magic and that she can be much more involved in the story. I would have liked to have seen how the head key affected Nina. Darby Stanchfield has had some of the best performances this entire season, I just wish her character was involved a lot more.



Credit: Netflix

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Overall, this finale was good but I question why certain things were rushed.

I do wonder why the final fight against Dodge was over so quickly and how easily it was to kill Dodge.

However, the reign of Dodge is finally over and the new villain arc of Gideon is just beginning for Locke And Key season 3.

This was a very emotional performance, that the actors coped well with.

The season took a long time to get going, I just wish certain characters were used more.

This episode has rounded off this very mixed bag of a season.

Hopefully, the third season will be a vast improvement and take the show in a new direction.


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