Barney Harris Fired From The Wheel Of Time – Here’s Why

Barney Harris starred as Mat Cauthon in The Wheel Of Time Season 1, however, he won’t be playing the role in Season 2. We’re here to explain why Harris won’t be starring in the second season of the Amazon Prime Video hit series.

So, many fans of the show were rather perplexed when it was revealed that Harris won’t be returning as Mat in Season 2. It was revealed that Dónal Finn will be playing Mat in Season 2 of The Wheel Of Time.

It’s interesting because as far as I’m concerned, Barney Harris was one of the best actors in the first season of the show. He was just brilliant as Mat. So, you can understand my confusion when it was revealed that he won’t be back for Season 2.

Was Barney Harris sacked from The Wheel Of Time?

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There were a bunch of theories online as to why Barney left the show. Some people posited whether was got a better offer to star in another movie or TV show. Some people suggested that Amazon’s producers might not have liked Barney’s take on Mat.

However, we were informed by an insider why Barney Harris really left the show. Sound like it all has to do with COVID-19. According to the insider, Harris didn’t want to get vaccinated which might have been a problem for filming a second season.

Here’s what our source had to say on the matter:

It all had to do with Covid vaccines. Amazon has a very strict policy on making sure their sets are Covid-free zones.

Dónal Finn will play Mat in The Wheel Of Time Season 2


Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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Reading in between the lines here, it seems as though Harris was asked to leave the show because he refused to get vaccinated against Covid-19. It does – to me at least – seem like an unfair reason to be asked to leave a show as popular and as successful as The Wheel Of Time has been. It’s made even worse by the fact that Barney Harris was so good in the first season.

However, once he was asked to leave, Amazon moved into gear very quickly and cast Finn in the role. You might know the actor from Netflix’s The Witcher in which he played Nettly in the first season.

Finn was also in Netflix’s other fantasy show, Cursed, in which he played Kurt. He does seem like a very good replacement for Harris. Mat will play an important part in The Wheel Of Time Season 2.

The second season began filming before the first season was released. Filming on Season 2 is set to conclude in February later this year. We might not have to wait too long before The Wheel Of Time Season 2 is released.

However, it has also been revealed that The Wheel Of Time Season 2’s release date has been pushed back slightly to make room for Amazon upcoming Lord Of The Rings series.

What do you make of this news? Are you at all surprised that Barney Harris won’t be playing Mat in The Wheel Of Time Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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        • Anonymous

          And anyone spouting such nonsense should be checked for severe brain damage.
          It’s a vaccination, the people not getting it are either ignorant, or the most selfish tools possible.

          • Anonymous

            how are they selfish? Do you know covid is endemic? Did you share such authoritarian sentiment about the flu prior to covid?

          • Anonymous

            A vaccine provides immunity to the disease. The “vaccine” they are distributing does not provide immunity. However, trying to guilt or shame people into doing what you think is right is factually tyrannical.

          • freddie

            No vaccine ever introduced has provided full immunity. You really should listen to experts and not random nitwits on social media.

    • Anonymous

      lol how pathetic you think getting a tiny needle in your arm is tyranny. Wow, what a sheltered life you have had. You feel like a tough guy though? I wonder how tough you will feel when you pass covid to a family member and kill them. But, go ahead, keep pretending a vaccine mandate is oppression. I don’t know why you people with these easy hand held lives want so badly to pretend to have it hard.

      • Anonymous

        So you are against personal freedom and choice? Sounds like you are the one living a sheltered life. Cowering from COVID like a little boy.
        It’s a cold. Wake up and grow up. You slimy, horrible little person.

        • Anonymous

          Tell that to the 5,5 people who already died from this “cold” and the families who lost loved ones, you egotistical, brainless dolt.

          • Anonymous

            Over 41 million adverse reactions and over 1 million deaths from the vaccine is irrelevant to you?

        • Anonymous

          No freedom for murderers. So yeah. You cannot endanger anybody. Murder, neglect or accident, does not matter: it’s not freedom not to let idiots kill others. It is common sense, and it is true freedom, because they are limited so others can live, stay healthy and guess what: be free.

          • Anonymous

            what are you even talking about you psycho. People without a covid-19 vax are “murderers”? You understand the vax does effectively nothing against omnicron? Even against the alpha strain, the vax was leaky and best case gave antibodies for ~ 6 months

    • Debbie Duncan

      Hurray glad to see someone in the fantasy world not allow an employer to force him to put a drug in his body that is nothing more than an experiment!!

      • Anonymous

        2 years in and still people say “experiment”…10yrs would still be the same…it’s a shame i really liked him for his character — the others aren’t as “moving”; i dont like the main cast at all except for Mat. shame

    • Anonymous

      It takes courage to stand up for your convictions when the sheep around you just mindlessly do what they’re told.

      • Anonymous

        lol lemme guess, you watch fox news. Sure thing buddy, the people who care about getting others sick are the ‘sheep’. It’s so pathetic how badly you all want to feel important and smarty smart.

        • Anonymous

          Did you know it is illegal to give the Moderna vaccine to males under 40 in the UK, most of Canada and in many developed countries because the adverse effects outweigh the benefits? Of course you didn’t. You don’t know anything. You sit on your fat dumb ass not noticing that literally every news show you watch is “brought to you by Pfizer,” and none of them are reporting basic, easily gleaned facts, not even those from peer reviewed studies or world health authorities. You just giggle and point like the developmentally arrested middle school mean girl you are.

          • Anonymous

            Oh my god, how ignorant can you be? The Moderna vaccine had been restricted in some European countries, after a very small risk for young males was detected.
            But this was last October, it has since then become used as widely spread as before, and it certainly isn’t illegal to give it to males under 40 in the UK.
            Whoever told you this was either lying or was actively spreading misinformation.

            That’s the problem with the anti-vaxxers covid-denier lot, they are ignorant, selfish and will stoop to any low to try to spread their mania, including plain lying or withholding and bending facts.

    • Ragga

      What you should be saying is why does it need to come down vax or job?
      That is just plain wrong. We have a ton of processes to tell everyone is negative in a workplace now. Just get them to do that. Vaccines only make the disease less severe.

  1. seventhbeacon

    Glad he stood up for himself. Especially an actor of his talent, he deserves better than to be saddled with this absolutely horrendous adaptation of Robert Jordan’s masterpiece.

  2. Anonymous

    Seems silly to me that he wouldn’t get the vaccine if it’s true. Getting the vaccine helps protect others by helping to decrease the effects of the virus (for example it’s safer for him in that it lessens the symptoms he’d have if he got the virus and helps others by keeping him out of an ICU bed if he gets it……a problem we’re seeing now…). Although I loved him as Mat, he made his choice so I’ll say good luck to Barney, but I’ll be looking forward to Donal Finn.

  3. Abbey

    Bye Felicia! If your going to put everyone else in danger because you don’t believe in science then you should be fired.

    • Anonymous

      when the “vaccine” doesn’t keep you from getting nor passing the virus, how is it protecting anyone, just lessens the symptoms

      • Anonymous

        Of course it doesn’t count because it doesn’t exist. All science points to the vaccine being effective and safe.

  4. Anonymous

    More agenda-driven tyranny by Amazon. At least Barney left before this abomination of a show could get any worse and drag him down with it.

    • Mark

      Tyranny???? He had a choice. He chose not to be vaccinated and he understood the consequences. That’s not tyranny by any definition. Tyranny would be if he was made to be vaccinated. God, the right is so ignorant.

      • Anonymous

        Do you even know what the word tyranny means? It doesn’t seem that you do. Telling people that don’t want to get a vaccine to go home and die is very tyrannical. Heck, that’s lightweight compared to most leftists. They want people that refuse the vaccine murdered in the streets. “Get the shot or get shot” has been said by many leftists.

  5. Jeremy

    Looks like the actor is as big an idiot as the character he played. He chose to be a threat to the cast and crew, and was justifiably sent packing.

    • Bard

      You moron. Why don’t you think for yourself. If everyone else had the vaccine then why would he need it??? Who is he putting at risk exactly?? Jeez. Wake up .
      Pointless even replying to you though because you already have made your mind up .

      • Anonymous

        Herd immunity can only be achieved when a high amount of the population has been vaccinated or do you not understand how that works? I’m going to go with you don’t know what you are talking about.

  6. Anonymous

    I had a feeling. It’s what Mat would have done. Good for him. The show sucks anyway. They ruined an amazing series.

    • Anonymous

      Hardly. Mat liked to gamble, yes. But only for fun. He dreaded every time those dice started rattling around in his head because he knew something big was coming. Something he couldn’t avoid. But he made preparations to be as set to handle whatever came.

  7. Charles

    It seems very fair. Idiots who wilfully place their co-worker at risk by refusing to get vaccinated should be out on their ear.

  8. Evan

    The writer of this article is a complete hack job. After being halted by COVID, season 1’s filming resumed in September 2020. That’s months before the vaccine was available to the population.

    How about spending two seconds to fact check your “insider”? Retard.

  9. Geralt of Riviea

    Then it is good he got fired. People who refuse to get vaccinated are only making it worse for themselves and others, so I am glad the route Amazon took.

    • falconsugardiomedes5993

      It doesn’t work. There is no proof whatsoever that it does. In fact it’s the opposite. People should have the right to think for themselves and not getting DNA altering rubbish that doesn’t do what it was supposed to do is a smart move.

      • Anonymous

        You are spewing conspiracy nonsense. It has been proven by medical experts that vaccinations are beneficial. Symptoms are less severe, fatalities dramatically decrease etc.

  10. debrad

    Another consequence of a pandemic created by a virus, politics, and people who think they can control nature. The comments here display all too well those who believe there is a real “right” and “wrong” when it comes to how to deal with a natural phenomenon. Propaganda in; propaganda out. So sad.

  11. Anonymous

    Barney was a perfect Mat and it’s so sad if covid & vaccine was the reason for his replacement… World is getting ridiculous nowadays….

  12. Anonymous

    Doesn’t make sense. Vaccine wasn’t a thing at that time. Wasn’t approved until later. Timeline doesn’t line up at all.

  13. A

    Between Barney deleting his social media at the very beginning of 2021 and the last two episodes being fully rewritten before the cast returned to set in spring of 2021, this story makes no sense. The timing all suggests he cut ties in December 2020 or January 21, months before vaccines were available to healthy people in their 20s.

  14. Anonymous

    So many ignorants here, spreading lies about the dangers of vaccination and the severity of Covid-19.
    No, the vaccines aren’t more dangerous than Covid, no Moderna serum isn’t illegal in several countries.
    Yes, it’s up to you whether you get vaccinated (for now), but considering the death toll and the danger, especially to elder people and other risk groups, not getting vaccinated is pure selfishness or ignorance.

    The writer of this piece should get his head checked.
    Of course, Amazon must enforce measures to protect the people working on their shows from Covid, and that includes firing morons who refuse to get vaccinated.

    The irresponsible, selfish behaviour of so many people would have been unthinkable a few decades ago, but today not only do the most ignorant people think they are the smartest, many don’t seem to feel any responsibility towards the people around them at all.

    • Deb

      I’m pretty sure you are the ignorant one. Turn your blind eye to th truth, more so called vaxxed people in hospital sick. Please explain why we should be forced to take a shot that does NOT prevent a virus with 99% survival rate…you have lost your marbles

  15. Anonymous

    *IF* this is true, good for Amazon. Plague Rats shouldn’t be allowed to endanger other people.
    Yeah, yeah, ‘your body, your choice’. I agree. You have the right to choose. And the rest of society has the right to isolate and shun you for your choice.

  16. Anonymous

    i personally support antivaxxers. i think they should be encouraged to not get it. they are the same pool of humanity that i support removing warning labels form products for. let nature get rid of em for us.

  17. Tony

    Given the vaccine doesn’t prevent contracting or spreading the virus, it’s senseless to try and force people to take it if they don’t want it. What makes it worse is the vaxxed lot are still scared. They pretend it’s because of those who can’t be vaxxed, but those who can’t be vaxxed are susceptible to pretty much everything. If the vaxxed really gave an iota about them, they’d never leave their home. No, it’s not about others, it’s about self preservation and that’s fine. They’re so weak in the head they got so terrified, they were willing to take anything and will continue to take it to try and prevent the big bad cold from getting them. Give them your pity, most will come around eventually.



  19. Anonymous

    the author is an idiot. He was replaced because of overwhelming dislike of his take on mat by the readers of the books. The showrunner is trying to placate most of us who hated the freaking changes and mat was one of the worst. dosent matter how good of an actor barney was.. he didn’t resemble mat in any way.. the mat from the tv series sucks.

    • Ruby

      Absolutely correct in every way. His portrayal in the series in no way resembled the Mat of the books. Not in the least! He was a PITA in every scene and had no likable personality whatsoever. Maybe not the actor’s fault…more likely the screenwriter’s fault. Better to leave while the getting was good.

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