Last Known Position Episode 6 Release Date Revealed


Last Known Position in an incredible new podcast from QCODE, and listeners have been desperate to know when Episode 6’s release date would be.

Well, we’re glad to inform you that the next episode of Last Known Position is going to be released this Thursday.

Episode 6 will be called ‘Mutiny!’, and we’ve also found out that Episode 7 of Last Known Position will be called ‘All Hands On Deck’.

This news comes to us directly from the people are QCODE, and they were keen to stress that you can already listen to the next two episodes of the show over on Apple Podcasts right now.

However, you will have to subscribe to QCODE+ on Apple Podcasts.

You can get a three day free trial, but then it’ll cost you £2.49 a month (in the United Kingdom).

I have to be honest though, £2.49 a month is nothing given how good QCODE’s podcasts are.

Last Known Position Episode 6 will be available to listen to on Thursday

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QCODE’s podcasts are incredibly well produced and they bring in some of the world’s best actors to star in their shows.

Last Known Position, for instance, stars Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin, Annihilation) and James Purefoy (Altered Carbon, Rome, Fisherman’s Friends).

That’s a pretty impressive cast, and it’s proof that people are really starting to take podcasts very seriously.

QCODE specialise in creating audio dramas, and you don’t get much more dramatic than Last Known Position.

The show is a mystery thriller about a submersible pilot called Mikaela Soto (played by Gina Rodriguez).

She joins a group of scientists on probably the world’s most expensive yacht in order to find a plane that crashed under mysterious circumstances in the ocean.

This whole expedition is being funded by grieving billionaire, William Cavanaugh (played by James Purefoy).

Turns out that his wife and child were both on the plane that crashed.

But, the question is, what caused the plane the crash.

That’s up to Mikaela, William and the rest of the ship’s crew to find out.

Last Known Position Episode 6 and 7 are available via QCODE+ on Apple Podcasts

Last Known Position Episode 6

Credit: QCODE

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Last Known Position is currently available to listen to wherever you get your podcasts.

Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts (where I chose to listen to podcasts), Google Podcasts… The list of podcast platforms is literally endless.

Again, if you want early access to new episodes of Last Known Position, with no annoying ads, then subscribe to QCODE+ on Apple Podcasts.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to listening to the next episode (Episode 6, called ‘Mutiny!’) of Last Known Position.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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