Where To Watch Out Of Shadows? Why Has It Been Hidden On YouTube?

Former CIA agent, Kevin Shipp in Out Of Shadows

There’s a new documentary on YouTube called Out Of Shadows which is getting people talking, but it’s not that easy to find or watch online.

I was sent this documentary by a friend of mine and he told me that I might find the documentary interesting.

I was skeptical to begin with because I immediately realised what sort of documentary it was.

It’s been made by conspiracy theorists and there are a lot of ties to the Qanon community and believers in the U.S. Deep State.

However, I do try to listen, watch and read as much stuff as possible, even articles and books by people who don’t align with my own political ideals.

So, when I started to watch Out Of Shadows, I tired to put politics to one side and listen to what was being said.

After having watched it twice now, I can safely say that I still don’t agree with the majority of what’s said in this documentary.

I think there’s a lot of “just look at the evidence”, and “do the research” said by people interviewed in Out Of Shadows and very little evidence or research is presented.

Where can you watch Out Of Shadows?

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However, I have to admit that there’s something sinister going on in Hollywood.

Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer.. These are people who’ve been involved in Hollywood for years.

They’ve either been convinced or have been accused of sexual assault.

This is a huge problem in Hollywood and one which reporters like Ronan Farrow have been shining a light on.

Out Of Shadows does discuss this aspect of Hollywood to a certain extent, but in then starts to go down a slightly different path – one of the occult and satanism.

This is where it lost me, and where I believe I differ from many people who claim this documentary is revealing ‘the truth’.

That said, it doesn’t mean this documentary should be silenced.

I am a huge advocate for freedom of speech and honestly, YouTube and Google should not be trying to silence this documentary.

That’s what it seems they’re doing.

Is Google trying to bury the documentary?


Kevin Shipp on Out Of Shadows – Credit: YouTube

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I wrote an article earlier this week about how it’s impossible to find the documentary via YouTube search engine.

What’s happened since then is the video’s been uploaded to other channels which means it’s now easier to find.

The Out Of Shadows website page doesn’t come up either on Google when you search for it.

This is something which makes me very nervous.

I do not feel this is the sort of thing that needs to be silenced.

I think people should be allowed to watch it and make their minds up for themselves.

That is why I’ve added links in this article to the original video on YouTube, which now has over 7.7. million views, and their website.

As I mentioned earlier, I might not agree with its content, but that doesn’t mean there’s not some truth to the video.

I want more people to know about what Jeffrey Epstein did. More people need to hear about the dark side of Hollywood.

I do want people to question the content they are watching in their movies and TV shows.

If we don’t question things, then we can end up in a rather dangerous situation.

This is tough for someone like me to come to terms with because I do love entertainment.

Always question what you’re watching, including Out Of Shadows

Out-Of-Shadows-YouTube Disney Hollywood

Always question what it is you are watching, reading or listening to – Credit: Out Of Shadows

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I love watching movies, TV shows, playing video games and reading comic books.

However, it’s always good to keep in mind that most of our entertainment is now being brought to us by a very small number of companies.

This has become even more worrying since Disney’s takeover of Fox.

That said, it also doesn’t mean we should believe every conspiracy theory out there.

All I’m saying is be careful and think about what you’re watching, reading or listening to.

Also, think about where it’s coming from.

Who’s behind whatever it is you’re watching? What are their motives?

You have to do the same thing with a documentary like Out Of Shadows.

If you go to their website, it quickly becomes evident that the people behind it are very religious.

This, to me at least, suggests they might have an ulterior motive behind making this documentary.

Who’s behind Out Of Shadows? What are their motives?


Mike Smith in Out Of Shadows – Credit: YouTube

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The documentary starts with former Hollywood stunt man, Mike Smith, who’s a ‘born again Christian’.

It starts to become very evident that the provenance of this documentary is questionable.

Yet, that doesn’t mean they’re entirely wrong in what they’re saying in this documentary.

I’ve always been of the belief that it’s important to listen to every side of every story.

That’s the case with Out Of Shadows, and there’s a lot in here which makes perfect sense and needs to be researched further and talked about more.

What do you make of this news?

Have you watched Out Of Shadows? If so, what did you think about it? And did you think it was tough to find on YouTube?

Let us know in the comments below.

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