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Why advertise with Small Screen?

Because we can connect you to an audience of over 250,000 people around the world.

These are people who live, breath and love pop culture.

We have a significant audience in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India and Malaysia.

Our audience may have different reasons for reading Small Screen.

However, we know what connects: a love of all things pop culture.

To help you successfully reach our unique audience Small Screen offers a wide-range of methods.

These range from sponsored content (native advertising), to targeted banner ads and more.


Our audience is unlike any other globally.

From humble beginnings in 2016, we now have over 250,000 monthly readers worldwide.

We also now have around 100,000 followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

Our videos on social media have gained over 50 million views.

Our readers are highly educated

92% of our readers have at least a college/university degree.
43% have a Masters degree or equivalent.

Our readers are engaged

250,000+ monthly unique visitors.
100,000+ followers on social media.
50 million+ video views on our Facebook page.

What Are Your Advertising Options?

Native advertising is the most effective way to reach our audience in a non-intrusive way.

Native advertising

What is ‘native advertising’, we hear you ask?

Native advertising is much like sponsored content but with the unique tone and feel of Small Screen’s journalism.

You will collaborate with Small Screen’s editorial team.

They will help you get your message to resonate with our readers in a tone of voice that they know and trust.

Why should you use native advertising?

  • Increased brand exposure.
  • Native adverts are viewed 52% more frequently than banner ads
  • Better story-telling and thought-leadership integration
  • Potential reach is greater to suitable audiences
  • Adblock friendly, complimentary to other ads
  • Provides long tail exposure and SEO

Banners, video and interactive solutions

To enhance your campaign or increase the longevity of your products and services exposure, your marketing teams can consider:

  • Tactical banner advertising
  • Targeted social media
  • Branded video
  • Podcasts
  • Surveys/Quizzes