Only Murders In The Building Season 1 Episode 2 Review


Creators: Steven Martin & John Hoffman
Writer: Kirker Butler
Director: Jamie Babbit
Starring: Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez and Julian Cihi

We now know who is solving the crime, now it’s time to learn more about Tim Kono – the guy who died in the first episode, that we met in the lift briefly in Only Murders In The Building Episode 1.

This episode was intense but I loved every second. I want to immediately watch the next episode to find out more and what will happen next.

There is a new suspect and we get to see more into Mabel’s childhood.



Credit: Disney Plus

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The previous episode was a good introduction to set everything up, and this second episode was defiantly a step-up improvement.

In the previous episode of Only Murders In The Building, we learn that Mabel (Selena Gomez) might know Tim (Julian Cihi) a lot better than we thought.

It now makes us question if she has any real involvement in his murder or is it just a coincidence.

Before this murder, Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel didn’t know each other and now they seem like a team.

It would be strange if they completely trusted each other straight away, so it was nice to see tension between Mabel and Charles.

Mabel felt like Charles lied to her with the speech he gave in the previous episode because she saw the same speech on his TV show.

I quite liked watching the awkwardness and tension between Charles and Mabel because it would be weird if they were all super close really quickly.

It just made sense, that trust needs to be built between these three.

Thus, it makes this show and script feel real because normal people wouldn’t trust everything a stranger says to them really quickly.


The podcast is still going ahead but our characters don’t really know much about the victim, Tim.

Our trio decides to go to the memorial of Tim.

This is my favourite scene of the episode and I would say one of the funnier scenes too.

Bunny (Jayne Houdyshell) is running the memorial and it was discovered that pretty much everyone in the building hated Tim, which means more people can be suspects in the investigation.

It is believed that murderer is someone in the building, but we still don’t know who was the hooded figure and they weren’t really mentioned at this time.

However, my favourite part of this episode was the introduction to Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton).

He is grieving the loss of his cat. Everyone seems more upset about the loss of Evelynn the Cat than Tim.

Creighton was just perfect; his pain was exaggerated and over the top.

It added the comedy element that this scene needed.


We get to learn more about Mabel and Tim’s past in this episode of Only Murders In The Building.

We get to see how they knew each other and why Mabel is so hurt by his death.

We get to witness a flashback from a couple of years ago.

We see Mabel confronting Tim, talking about something that happened years ago and someone named Oscar is getting out of jail.

Mabel tells Tim that he can make things right but Tim doesn’t want to.

If the murderer is connected to Tim, could there be a possibility that Mabel could be next?

From the flashforward we saw in the first episode, I want to say no but she could be more involved than we realise.

I do wonder when Mabel will tell Charles and Oliver the truth about her history with Tim and how they will take it.

However, it would be intriguing if she doesn’t tell them anything until the last episode.



Credit: Disney Plus

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I think it could be easy to think that Oscar killed Tim if he got out of jail in time but that would be too obvious.

However, it could be someone to do with Oscar or Zoe. We get a true insight into the younger Mabel and what she was like growing up.

I defiantly saw a romance between Mabel and Tim, both Gomez and Cihi had great chemistry together in their scenes together.

I think it is interesting how caught up Mabel is in Tim’s life.

Much more than I expected but I like it and I think it works well.

I really enjoyed the scene between Selena Gomez and Julian Cihi, where both Mabel and Tim are talking about the investigation.

Tim is in Mabel’s head, in this short scene, there is so much tension and emotion.

It feels like that there are things that are wanted to be said between them but now they can’t be.

This investigation has become really personal for Mabel and it’ll be interesting to see what she’ll do to find out what happened.


While this is happening, Oliver is still having money issues and the walls are closing in around him.

Time is running out and I’m not sure how he can get out of this.

No one seems able to help him but he is keeping all of this close to his chest.

Now we know more about Mabel’s past I want to know more about Oliver’s and how he ended up like this.

Also, I really want to know more about Charles, because Mabel might be mysterious but we are learning about her, I feel like there is a lot still unknown about Charles and his own past he keeps hiding from everyone.

This episode really gives a clearer idea about Mabel and her involvement in this murder.

She is hiding lots from Charles and Oliver and hiding from her past.

It’ll be interesting to see if she’ll keep her history with Tim a secret for much longer and could she be next on the hit list.

This episode was a lot better than the previous and much funnier.

Howard defiantly brought the comedy in this episode, which was needed.

Overall, this was an improvement from the first episode and I’m excited to see what will happen next.


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