What’s Happening With October Faction Season 2? Has Netflix Cancelled The Show?


So, one of the shows from 2020 that I think a lot of people have forgotten about is Netflix’s October Faction. That said, there are a lot of fans of the show our there, and there have been many people asking whether October Faction Season 2 is happening or not. Well, I decided to make the matter very clear for you out there who are wondering what’s happened to the Netflix show. It’s been cancelled.

You could just stop reading the article at that point, and I wouldn’t blame you. However, I’m going to explain to you what happened at Netflix as far as October Faction is concerned and why they opted not to renew it for Season 2. It’s actually quite an interesting story because this show was part of a bigger push for Netflix.

Why is there not going to be an October Faction Season 2?


Credit: Netflix

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What Netflix did was buy the rights to a bunch of comic book properties in an attempt to make shows that will get them more subscribers. There was Locke & Key, The Umbrella Academy, V Wars, Daybreak, The Blue Exorcist, The End Of The F***Ing World, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and October Faction. Netflix also bought the rights to Mark Millar’s comic books, known as Millarworld, and will be making some of those comics into shows in the not-so-distant future.

These shows were supposed to help Netflix make more original content, and they were especially important after their deal with Marvel Studios fell through and they were basically forced to cancel all their big Marvel shows such as The Punisher, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. For many people, myself included, those shows were the reason why they subscribed to Netflix in the first place.

They’re now gone, and for a long time there was a big comic book TV show shaped hole over at the streaming service. They were hoping to fill that hole with the shows mentioned about. Netflix spent a lot of money on buying licensing of these properties, and only a handful of them really worked. The ones that got a big enough following to warrant subsequent seasons where Locke & Key, which is going to get at least three seasons, The Umbrella Academy, which is now on its third season and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina which is ending after Part 4, which has just landed.

Does October Faction’s failure prove Netflix has a strategy problem?


Credit: Netflix

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The rest have all been cancelled after one or two seasons. So, this push hasn’t been a huge success, and the main reason it didn’t really work was because Netflix hasn’t been all that good at promoting these new shows. They did well promoting The Umbrella Academy, and they did an OK job with Locke & Key. However, October Faction got no fanfare from Netflix, and was subsequently cancelled after it didn’t get the numbers needed to make a second season.

However, the fault isn’t with the show, even though it wasn’t great. The fault was really with Netflix, There have been plenty of shows made like October Faction over the years that ended up getting multiple seasons and doing quite well. They were all properly marketed by the networks. I really do believe that Netflix has a marketing issue. They make all these shows that no one hears about, and they then just drop them all at once.

I really believe that Netflix needs to start looking at their marketing strategy. I also wonder whether they should stop releasing their shows all at once. The Boys Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video did an incredible number, for example. That show was released weekly, and it ended up doing a lot better than the first season which was dropped at once.

So, yes. I believe October Faction Season 1 wasn’t brilliant, but it could have ended up being great and doing well if Netflix had just developed a better marketing strategy for the show. I don’t think they even had one, and I do worry for the future of many of the shows they are making because Netflix seems to put zero budget in promoting their shows, which is just crazy. It’s understandable to want to keep costs low, but people need to hear about these shows if they are going to do well.

What do you make of this feature? Did you watch October Faction Season 1 and were you sad to hear that Netflix wasn’t going to make a Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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  1. Ashis

    Netflix is doing with good shows too,I’m fucking annoyed. V Wars,Away, Mist,Zoo,The Order, Reality Z,Now October Faction & Many more.We are paying for the shows but they are starting 10-15 shows a year & cancelling them! How annoying is that! Uhh

  2. Jean-Pierre Andrews

    I’m so annoyed that I even watched October Faction! If I knew that there wasn’t going to be a season 2, I would have never watched it then! I honestly think that the show was good but it could developed into something great! Honestly so sad.

  3. Melvyn Huntley

    I ‘ve just watched October Factoon, had some good p.ot twists and had great potential. A loss for Netflix….

  4. Joanne Orrell

    Sad they aren’t making another series really enjoyed and it was perfect for what I like. Off to hunt for something else again.

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