What’s Happening With October Faction Season 2? Has Netflix Cancelled The Show?

So, one of the shows from 2020 that I think a lot of people have forgotten about is Netflix’s October Faction. That said, there are a lot of fans of the show our there, and there have been many people asking whether October Faction Season 2 is happening or not. Well, I decided to make the matter very clear for you out there who are wondering what’s happened to the Netflix show. It’s been cancelled.

You could just stop reading the article at that point, and I wouldn’t blame you.

However, I’m going to explain to you what happened at Netflix as far as October Faction is concerned and why they opted not to renew it for Season 2. It’s actually quite an interesting story because this show was part of a bigger push for Netflix.

Why is there not going to be an October Faction Season 2?

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What Netflix did was buy the rights to a bunch of comic book properties in an attempt to make shows that will get them more subscribers. There was Locke & Key, The Umbrella Academy, V Wars, Daybreak, The Blue Exorcist, The End Of The F***Ing World, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and October Faction. Netflix also bought the rights to Mark Millar’s comic books, known as Millarworld, and will be making some of those comics into shows in the not-so-distant future.

These shows were supposed to help Netflix make more original content, and they were especially important after their deal with Marvel Studios fell through and they were basically forced to cancel all their big Marvel shows such as The Punisher, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. For many people, myself included, those shows were the reason why they subscribed to Netflix in the first place.

They’re now gone, and for a long time there was a big comic book TV show shaped hole over at the streaming service. They were hoping to fill that hole with the shows mentioned about. Netflix spent a lot of money on buying licensing of these properties, and only a handful of them really worked. The ones that got a big enough following to warrant subsequent seasons where Locke & Key, which is going to get at least three seasons, The Umbrella Academy, which is now on its third season and Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina which is ending after Part 4, which has just landed.

Does October Faction’s failure prove Netflix has a strategy problem?


Credit: Netflix

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The rest have all been cancelled after one or two seasons. So, this push hasn’t been a huge success, and the main reason it didn’t really work was because Netflix hasn’t been all that good at promoting these new shows.

They did well promoting The Umbrella Academy, and they did an OK job with Locke & Key. However, October Faction got no fanfare from Netflix, and was subsequently cancelled after it didn’t get the numbers needed to make a second season.

However, the fault isn’t with the show, even though it wasn’t great. The fault was really with Netflix, There have been plenty of shows made like October Faction over the years that ended up getting multiple seasons and doing quite well.

They were all properly marketed by the networks. I really do believe that Netflix has a marketing issue. They make all these shows that no one hears about, and they then just drop them all at once.

I really believe that Netflix needs to start looking at their marketing strategy. I also wonder whether they should stop releasing their shows all at once. The Boys Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video did an incredible number, for example.

That show was released weekly, and it ended up doing a lot better than the first season which was dropped at once.

So, yes. I believe October Faction Season 1 wasn’t brilliant, but it could have ended up being great and doing well if Netflix had just developed a better marketing strategy for the show.

I don’t think they even had one, and I do worry for the future of many of the shows they are making because Netflix seems to put zero budget in promoting their shows, which is just crazy.

It’s understandable to want to keep costs low, but people need to hear about these shows if they are going to do well.

What do you make of this feature? Did you watch October Faction Season 1 and were you sad to hear that Netflix wasn’t going to make a Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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  1. Ashis

    Netflix is doing with good shows too,I’m fucking annoyed. V Wars,Away, Mist,Zoo,The Order, Reality Z,Now October Faction & Many more.We are paying for the shows but they are starting 10-15 shows a year & cancelling them! How annoying is that! Uhh

  2. Jean-Pierre Andrews

    I’m so annoyed that I even watched October Faction! If I knew that there wasn’t going to be a season 2, I would have never watched it then! I honestly think that the show was good but it could developed into something great! Honestly so sad.

    • Fiona Morrison

      Netflix have got a bad habit of doing this to shows that are really good & can get much better in the season 2 I really love October Faction shame that season 2 didn’t happen if they keep doing this I will be leaving them.

  3. Melvyn Huntley

    I ‘ve just watched October Factoon, had some good p.ot twists and had great potential. A loss for Netflix….

    • Robbie Williams

      What is the point in having Netflix and watching a programme that has 1 series, ends on a cliffhanger and then the show is cancelled. Why not make the first series like a longer movie with an ending that could turn into a series or not.

      • Sarah

        I LOVED OCTOBER FACTION!!!! I’m Soooooo hurt to see it go. I agree with the rest. I hate they only make 1 season and say thats it. OCTOBER FACTION was worth it. I dont even watch any of the other stuff they named off. Smh I do like Locke and Key tho. But they SERIOUSLY could have made another Season. This is BOGUS!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        If they are going to cancel a show after 1 season what is the point of even having it on there!!! Netflix prices keep going up only to disappoint people by cancelling series! The series should go under a seperate column of that is titled only 1 season!!!

  4. Joanne Orrell

    Sad they aren’t making another series really enjoyed and it was perfect for what I like. Off to hunt for something else again.

  5. Albert

    This show randomly popped up in my feed this year, never hearing anything about it before… My girlfriend and binged the first five episodes yesterday and the finished the season off today!
    It was so good, and reading up on it, I think it was complete stupidity and BS to put the show out along with two others from the same studio… I don’t know you’d think a show with the name OCTOBER Faction would be released in OCTOBER around Halloween probably would have caught more attention and wouldn’t have been overshadowed by Locke and Key.

    • Heather Gomez

      Just watched October Faction and it was a lot better then some of the stuff out there out have loved another season. Hulu canceled Harlots as well! It’s frustrating and I understand everything comes to am end. An end would be better then cliffhangers.

  6. Anonymous

    Gutted there won’t be another October fraction I thought it was Awsome but was same with secret circle that was good but cancelled as well gutted

    • Anonymous

      I just finished it and loved it! It seems like every time I find something that is good, it is canceled! I’m afraid to start watching anything anymore!

  7. Melody Selden

    LOVED OCTOBER FACTION, and was very impatiently Waiting for it to Come Back! WHY, Oh WHY do they keep getting rid of shows that we Love???

  8. Anonymous

    Fuck sake!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved October Faction just binged it in 2 days and searched for season 2’s release date. Netflix, have a fuckin word with yourself!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Just watched the full series, I have Netflix to watch shows like this,but not to cancel them, the caller door banging at the end!!! What happens next? Il just have to imagine. Shame.

  10. Anonymous

    I have given up watching Netflix shows as they cancel them after a season or two. Look at altered carbon, 2 of the 3 books made to series. Netflix has a lot of good show but untill they start finishing them it’s not worth investing time in watching them.

  11. Kimberly McGee

    I’m getting tired of watching awesome series just for Netflix to cancel them after just one season. Why put them on Netflix in the first place??? October faction great canceled,V Wars super AWESOME,canceled Wth is wrong with Netflix,don’t understand!!!!

  12. Rino Eriksen

    Yes all the good Netflix show is cansled to early. I love a lot off them, but Netflix cut them of to soon. Like the october faction. So Netflix should not relees anny show if they are not able to finish them off…

  13. Anonymous

    I’m furious about October Faction. Yes, the beginning was a bit wobbly but it was really shaping up.

    I’m sick and tired of netflix and their capricious axings.s I’m cancelling our subscription and looking for something else.

  14. Louise Clarkson

    Love love loved October faction ! Gutted to hear its 2nd season has been canceled as the first season was great and left it wide open for a second season! Netflix are shite at promoting shows as I had to find it from other shows I had watched similar!! Hope they change their minds!!!

  15. Luke Walker

    Just watched October faction in a day I thought it was that good. I’m thinking of cancelling my subscription with Netflix too bcos they keep doing this to good shows. You have got to give them a 2nd season at least. Wake up Netflix or I can see Disney + or Prime Video taking over if your not careful.

  16. kay Stringer

    That is rubbish Netflix … October Faction was brilliant so much so I binged it in one day. Got so good towards the end and had you wanting more only for you to cancel it . I had never even heard of it only knew because showed on my feed as similar to what I watch. Maybe if you had advertised it like stated more people would have watched and viewing figures would have reflected that.

  17. Angela

    I really enjoyed October Faction, in fact I just watched the season again. I am very disappointed there isn’t going to be another season. Shame on you Netflix, for cancelling such a good show with strong possible story lines for season 2. You should reconsider.

  18. Jiri Klein

    It seems Netflix is cancelling all the awesome (damnation, cursed, October faction, etc )shows after first season and keeps all the crappy ones..

  19. Francesca Greene

    I really enjoyed October Faction. Bummed there won’t be a second season! It makes me want to watch any shows on Netflix.

  20. Dragoness

    I watched it and loved October Faction and was very angry when I heard it was canceled. I think Netflix is starting to get lazy and it dropping the ball. I sure hope they get on the ball soon and stop dropping crappy shows because they are getting more and more competition every year.

  21. JustSayin

    Personally, I would give the show, as far as my personal level of enjoyment, an eight out of 10. All of the actors did an amazing job, it was a decent storyline with minimal sub plots but still very entertaining, let’s face it folks – there isn’t a whole lot out there to watch if you have a sci-fi frame of mind. I wish the show is continued because it’s just another great alternate reality that has been lopped off by the corporate Thanos’.

  22. Antonia Smith

    I’ve just watched October Faction and thought it was brilliant. I was hooked and I’m disappointed there isn’t going to be a second series.
    I must say one thing though. The first clip Netflix put up of it wasn’t the best and I hadn’t watched it for ages until now and the only reason was because they changed the clip which interested me. First clip I thought it was going to be a budget alien crap series and the second clip well I thought “oooh that’s not what I thought it would be!” “I’m going to watch that!”. Just goes to show how important it is what clip of advertising you choose.

  23. David Swanson

    Enticing, well cast and well written. It’s a shame there isn’t a season two. I will definitely check for extra seasons prior to viewing future shows. Netflix should get away from 1970’s Nelson type rating and season cancelling rederick. Looking forward to future viewers perhaps not even born yet is the wave Netflix needs to catch.

  24. Wallace A Moreland

    I just finished October Fraction. Then found out it was canceled. I hate getting excited about a show, just to have it canceled. At least they could tie it all up, instead of leaving the audience hanging. I wouldn’t have wasted my time in the show if I had known. The price of Netflix keeps going up, but with the canceled shows, I’m thinking about cutting my ties with them.

  25. Anonymous

    I agree with everyone else re all of NF’s ONE season series, ESP when the last episode ends in a cliffhanger and series is then canceled! wtf?
    I would not have watched had I known this before hand.. TOO MANY greet series with only one season! October faction, vampires, Ares, Curon, ETC- SO disappointing!

  26. il-Mann

    So, another bugger up! A promising serial show with tons of potential axed just as it was starting to get off the ground! The plot was slow in developing and started to gain traction after the first four epidodes but just as things started to get interesting, the last two episodes were mutilated into a ‘forced ending’ anti-climax which, I have no doubt, left all viewers (including myself) with a disappointing hollow feeling and a vision of some mentally mummified ‘bean-counter’ in a back office poring over viewer numbers and counting the pennies! What a let down!!

  27. Anonymous

    I just finished watching October Faction & really loved the blend of Sci fi meets monsters & with the twist that some monsters are actually not the horror movie cliches, but have their own culture. So bummed there won’t be a second season. I hope perhaps some day this may change.

  28. Anonymous

    I loved V Wars, The End of the F****** World and Daybreak. I watched all of them upon release. Now I am on episode 6 of October Fiction. Finding out that THIS IS IT is not ideal!

  29. Jenn

    I loved V Wars, Daybreak and The End of the F****** World. I watched them upon arrival and of course checked into new seasons. I am now halfway through October Fiction and am finding out that THIS IS IT is not ideal!

  30. Anonymous

    WHY!!!!! This show was awesome I am really over canceled shows that really deserve to keep going. I think I’ll just try Prime or something else. Very upset.

  31. Anonymous

    I hate how many shows of season 1 I’ve seen on Netflix and actually liked them just to discover that they have cancelled the show after 1-2 seasons and shows that I didn’t really like get more than 3 seasons xD it’s like reading 1 chapter of a book and throw it away :/

  32. Anonymous

    that sucks!! i was hoping for a season 2! i don’t know know why netflix cancel the good shows and keep the bad ones!!

  33. Samim Lott

    I really hate how Netflix keeps making these series then cancels them after people start watching them, it getting more expensive to have Netflix and I am getting tired of watching shows they keep canceling.. it’s a waste of my time … I Really enjoyed October Faction, wish they would sell it to another network to finish producing it … maybe they would do a better job then Netflix

  34. Richard Lucas

    Stumbled across it this week and started to watch it, really enjoying it, actually gutted I’ve found out there isn’t anymore being made

    • Maurianna Robichaux

      Just watched October Faction and loved it!! The humor between the husband, wife and mother-in-law was great. Also the teenage stories. Wish they would bring it back.

  35. Anonymous

    I just finished watching the show an I loved it an was really looking foward to another season, Netflix honestly s**k their the reason why it’s not hitting the markets cause you doubt the show from a few dislikes really, Get a grip Netflix otherwise unsubscribe

  36. Anonymous

    This show took nearly 6 episodes to really get going and that may have killed it because I came VERY close to giving up on it. We have daddy issues, teenage angst, token LGBTQ struggles, interracial marriage(as a decoy) etc….and nearly nothing else for 6 episodes. I have no problem with any of these subject matters at all but its BORRRING if that is all the show has to offer for half a season. If you get past all of that it is amazingly good but I don’t think most people are going to wait 6 hours to get there. Now I’m Pxxd because it just starting to get great!

  37. Anonymous

    I love Sabrina, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, October Faction and others! Locke and Key was good too. I wish they would continue with all of them. Locke and Key seems to “age out” as 2 of the children cannot see the magic at 18. Seems very limited and not the best bet to continue with

  38. Anonymous

    Can’t believe they aren’t making more of October fraction I really wanted to see what happened with Geoff and Viv so annoying

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