How Top Gun: Maverick Is Going To Change Business Strategies?


Have you seen the first 13 minutes of Top Gun: Maverick?

Twitter is going crazy with the sensational sequel.

Heads up! If you have not seen the trailer already, then stop reading because we are about to spill the tea.

It was a surprise that Paramount had blessed us with at CinemaCon.

Let’s talk about the marvelous opening that has got all of us excited for another trailer.

The fantastic hue of orange and yellow screams Top Gun from afar.

It has an opening sequence of fighter jets taking off with the iconic song, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins.

Top Gun fans are drooling over Tom Cruise looking ageless as usual.

Moreover, the background music brings a tear to the eye.

How can one not become nostalgic over the fighter jets cruising with Danger Zone playing in the start?

Why has Top Gun stood the test of time?


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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We love the cinematography that cuts to Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick flying over the Mojave Desert to get to the airbase.

However, upon reaching an airbase after he rides on a Kawasaki, he is informed about not proceeding with the test flight.

The man knows no limits, not only can he pull off his killer space helmet and look the part of being “the fastest man alive.”

He speeds through the air in his fighter jet one last time in his Top Gun: Maverick jacket.

Did you notice the fine craftsmanship of the amazing streetwear?

It gives a strong silhouette and confidence like Tom Cruise to look effortlessly perfect.

The attention to detail on the Top Gun jacket is magnificent with the embroidered logos on the 100% genuine leather exterior.

But if you like something sturdy and fashion-forward, you might have landed a perfect piece.

It will give you masculine energy accentuating the design.

Furthermore, it has been blessed with two front large flapped pockets along with two interior pockets to keep your belongings safe.

You can look exquisite in your trendy Maverick jacket stitched to utter perfection.

It will be the one piece that you will never get over! Do not spend a penny over budget with your classic aviator-style jacket that adds to your personality.

You can style it up with the right accessories for a fashionable yet trendy look! Just like Tom, never be second in all things fashion.

Nevertheless, a hint of vintage can never go wrong to spice up your wardrobe.

Is Top Gun: Maverick going to be as good?

Tom Cruise back as Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick

Credit: Paramount Pictures

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The trailer does not only give you great fashion advice but goosebumps from the nostalgic feeling!

The character development of Maverick has blown us away with Tom Cruise not only playing him but has taken the role of producer in Top Gun: Maverick.

He remains calm with the rise of Mach levels in the high hypersonic zone.

He pushes through Mach 10 and the scene cuts off to the alarm going off and losing connection.

The jet free-falling out of the sky brings us out of our seats wanting to know what happens to Maverick.

There is a sigh of relief the moment we hear his voice, “Where am I?” as he shows up on the screen.

Moreover, other characters are seen in the trailer like Miles Teller and Glen Powell.

Tom has brilliantly transitioned from trainee fighter pilot to a mentor that shows us a side we have not seen already!

He earned the spot to train the new generation of the US Navy with all the hard work he put in.

The trailer was more than jets flying over, as it shows Bradley Bradshaw, who is the son of Goose that died during his training in the first part of Top Gun back in the 80s.

His legacy still lives on with Maverick training his best friend’s son to become the best fighter pilot, one who could beat him!

We cannot wait to see what more Top Gun Maverick has ahead.

We have a lot of expectations with the movie hitting theatres on November 19.

Who else is starring in Top Gun: Maverick?

Top Gun Marvel Tom Cruise

Credit: Paramount Pictures

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Not only has Tom returned to the 80s sensation with a much-awaited sequel starring Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm.

We have sad news that Tony Scott is not directing; however, Joseph Kosinski has stepped up to the role of director after his major success in Oblivion.

We are seeing young faces in the 13 – minute trailer but originally, Scott only cast the major leagues like Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Anthony Edwards, and Val Kilmer.

With the ever-growing talent and ambition to become the top US Navy fighter pilot after being trained by nothing but the best, Maverick.

Who would have produced better than Skydance and Bruckheimer Films to produce Top Gun: Maverick?

We couldn’t have trusted anyone other than the top film production companies.

There is a lot of buzz going around the CinemaCon trailer that has taken the world by storm.

Moreover, critics predict that the sequel might top a billion without a doubt.

Yes, you heard us right! We might have a winner on our hands.

Sit back and enjoy the ride with your trendy aviator Top Gun jacket for the premiere!

Moreover, who are we kidding, the movie would not be complete without Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone.

It teleports you back in the 80s and builds up the momentum for something spectacular.

Prepare for the takeoff!


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