Dan Stevens Is Going To Be The Voice Of Kro In Eternals


So, it looks like we were right about Dan Stevens return to the MCU, and he’s just teased that he’s going to be playing Kro in The Eternals movie.

He teased this during an interview with Collider in which he was asked whether he might be in The Eternals or not.

Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

Kro comment.

The interviewer was slightly puzzled and asked for a bit more information.

I mean, I said ‘Kro comment’, but I don’t know if that’s cryptic enough.

He then added:

No. Even if I could say anything, I wouldn’t be able to and would have to try and kill you through Zoom. Is that cryptic enough? Is that more cryptic or less cryptic?

Well, we here at Small Screen know exactly what Dan Stevens is talking about.

He’s talking about the villain Kro, which has been confirmed to be in the upcoming Eternals movie.

Dan Stevens will be the voice of Kro in The Eternals

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So, it sounds like Dan Stevens will be voicing the supervillain in the movie, which is just brilliant.

We were told a while back that Stevens was in talks to return to the MCU as a villain.

He previously played the lead in Legion, which I think is still one of Marvel’s best ever shows.

But, who is Kro?

Well, here’s his character bio taken straight from Wikipedia:

In the Marvel Universe, Kro is a military leader and sometimes acts as the leader of the Deviant race, an evolutionary offshoot of the human race created by the Celestials.

It seems as though Kro is going to be the main villain in The Eternals movie and he will be at least voiced by Dan Stevens.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing (or hearing) Dan Stevens in The Eternals movie?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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