Tips And Tricks On How To Avoid Procrastination


Procrastination is a common coping mechanism in contemporary lifestyles.

One way of avoiding delaying your tasks is by diving straight into the heart of the matter.

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While compiling your to-do list for the upcoming week, you might as well spin the reels or play a game of roulette.

Probably most people you know procrastinate regularly.

While providing instant gratification, loitering can turn self-destructive. Join us as we discuss the science behind procrastination, and how to cure it.

Why We Procrastinate


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Different people procrastinate for different reasons but psychologists have noticed a few common grounds.

Moreover, despite the popular opinion, The New York Times claims procrastination has nothing to do with laziness.

Namely, people tend to procrastinate on tasks which are not immediately rewarding.

To exemplify, imagine wanting to become a doctor.

Getting to the final destination and receiving your diploma takes years. Just thinking about spending so much time on a single mission can be overwhelming.

And when we add effort, dedication, and patience to the mix, it doesn’t get any tastier.

While it doesn’t mean that you don’t want your goal enough, it is enough to make you procrastinate studying.

However, procrastination doesn’t only apply to far-reaching goals.

Instead, it could refer to any mundane item on your agenda that’s just fun to do.

A modern user is impatient and expects results as soon as possible. Anything taking longer than a few seconds is simply out of our attention spans.

Ironically, even if we’re aware that we need to do something, an invisible force pushes us into inactivity.

On the other hand, procrastination is common in certain conditions, such as anxiety.

Let’s say direct communication scares you for some reason.

Simply checking your email may drive your anxiety through the roof.

As you can see, reasons for procrastination are endless and equally valid.

But seeing you here tells us that you’re ready to combat procrastination. Keep reading.

Successful People Dilly-Dally, Too

You are not alone in the procrastination whirlpool.

Many world-famous people take months and even years to complete their projects.

Perhaps the most surprising instance is The Dalai Lama.

The Tibetan leader has many times proclaimed himself as lazy.

An avid fighter against deadlines, Dalai Lama is one of the most famous procrastinators.

Another unbelievable example comes from Italy.

One of the best painters of all time, Leonardo Da Vinci, was known to never complete most of his paintings.

In fact, historians found that Da Vinci finished barely 50% of the pieces he had commenced.

It is said that he was “easily distracted” and had multiple ideas he couldn’t execute simultaneously.

Lastly, would you ever relate the adjective “sluggish” with Marcus Aurelius? Well, he might have.

Apparently, philosopher Marcus Aurelius shared struggles with most millennials and boomers.

In his diary, Aurelius noted how often he said to himself that he would do a certain chore “tomorrow”.

What’s more, Aurelius scolded himself for the lack of self-discipline and drive.

It seems that procrastination is a universal issue we all experience almost daily.

If any of these situations sound similar to your lifestyle, there’s nothing to worry about.

You still have plenty of time to wake up; you’ve got this!

Take a Breather


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Having a clear, non-abstract goal ahead of you is a priority.

Write down the list of things you must do to get to your target.

Then, create a step-by-step guide, arm yourself with concentration and commitment.

And just as importantly, take a break when you need it.

Every athlete knows that rest days from the gym are quintessential in muscle recovery and boosting gains.

Analogously, on your stairway to heaven, you must take a breather now and then.

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It’s not procrastination if it boosts your energy levels.

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Acceptance Is the First Step

The most important thing when facing a bad habit is accepting it.

Considering you have come to this part of the blog post tells us you’re ready to say goodbye to procrastination.

The next thing to do is to develop a thorough and concise plan from A to B.

Only you can complete this quest.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you are the one who knows the answer to this riddle.

Clarify what matters to you and set your mind to your goals.

Procrastination is an invisible enemy that you can defeat with determination.

So, get rid of the need for instant gratification and cherish the value of the delayed success.

It seems that to wait usually pays out.


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