When Superhero Films May Be The Source Of Custom Essays


The face of superheroes is not a new phenomenon in the American entertainment world. As early as 1930, superhero figures’ stories were common in newspapers, comics, magazines, and radio. In some cultures, like China, comic books have existed for more than a century.

Only recently, the film industry took an interest in the comic world and brought the superheroes once read in books and papers alive using special visual effects. Due to their unprecedented success, superhero stories in books and films have also attracted attention from educators. Today, there are many superhero essays written by students and other players.

Times when superheroes can be used for writing


Credit: Marvel Studios 

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Custom writing about superheroes can be done under various circumstances. Sometimes students compete within their classrooms, within the school, or with different schools where winners receive awards. When organizing such competitions, teachers can give an assignment about their favourite superhero.

Because kids of all ages love superhero movies, it is a good idea to give them a superhero essay when teaching about various types of assignments like descriptive essays, fiction stories, etc. Superhero assignments will also serve better when the teacher is testing students on current topics like the effects of various movie genres on the overall learning and lifestyle.

Writing help by the best writers

There are several types of essays, but they all help students perfect their writing skills and learn to research better. Each one of it is demanding and requires them to commit themselves if they want to produce the best work. If a student has a keen interest in writing, Uk.EduBirdie is a custom writing service for college students. The writing team works to deliver well within the deadline and is known to produce quality content all the time.

Assignments that are appropriate with superhero films


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Superhero essays are written based on various plots, depicting several ways in which they work harder to save the world from destruction due to mistakes done by the villains. The essay writer must create a unique name for their superhero and describe its activities in saving the world, a city, a nation, or any region they will be working hard to save.

Basically, a superhero essay will be descriptive because it will help describe the hero’s background, how they attained their heroic powers, and how they are using them to save their regions. These are the kind of stories found in comic books, stories about soldiers fighting for their people and the police who put their life at risk for the sake of others.

Some superhero essays may take a narrative style if a student wants to tell a story of a superhero who existed in historical times. Depending on the approach, they may make their superhero essay descriptive, or they can just narrate a story to give weight to their points.

Faculties where writing about superheroes works well

Descriptive or narrative essays about a superhero can cut across a wide number of faculties. Students learning language courses can be assigned such an essay to help them grow their language skills and vocabulary. Students taking history and related studies can write about the history of comics and their contribution to today’s comic world. Those in psychology class may write their superhero essays and talk about their effects on emotional psychology, fear, and mental health.

Students in political studies will also have something to write related to superheroes. Many politicians have learned the tricks of playing with people’s psychology to rule them. They also use the art of divide and rule, something that vividly comes out in many superhero movies.

The field is wide and it can include students in the music and entertainment industry who might discuss the successes of today’s superhero movies compared to a decade or more ago. The greatest beneficiaries can be those in movie script writing and production because they will have practical experience in their writing process.


Superhero films evolved from the traditional comic stories found in newspapers, magazines, and novels. Film producers created movies based on those texts and their effects have been more compared to the stories from which they were created. The education sector has been creative and superhero films have inspired students and teachers to write custom essays based on these films. They have written essays for competitions and for developing their writing skills in various faculties.


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