MCU Fans Want A Ghost Rider Reboot After Doctor Strange 2


It seems as though a lot of people have seen Doctor Strange 2 and MCU fans are now calling for a Ghost Rider reboot.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness has just been released in cinemas and it’s already doing very well at the box office.

The fact that this new Doctor Strange movie delves into the world of horror has many fans calling for Marvel to bring Ghost Rider into the MCU.

The Sam Raimi directed movie has got a lot of people thinking that Marvel Studios is finally ready to do Ghost Rider justice in the MCU.

There has been talk of Midnight Suns being in development for the MCU, and Ghost Rider would work well in that project.

Should Marvel make a Ghost Rider reboot after Doctor Strange 2?


Credit: Marvel

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Many fans took to Twitter to call for Marvel to make a Ghost Rider reboot after Doctor Strange 2 was released.

One fan wrote: “After watching Dr strange I realized Sam Raimi should direct Ghost rider the visuals cuts and tone would be insane.”

Another added: “Hey @MarvelStudios @Kevfeige PLEASE, please, PUH-leaseeeee tell me a #MidnightSons film or series is in development 🙏🏼 seeing #Blade, #MoonKnight , #GhostRider, #DoctorStrange & the #Punisher team up to deal with a threat!It would be a much darker #MCU team up film!!”

A third fan said: “Doctor strange was really really really good I understand a lil of the frustration peeps have with it because I always do but I digged it and I really hope to see raimi touch another off the rails MCU character if not strange again id love a blade or ghost rider from this guy.”

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Marvel make a Ghost Rider reboot?

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