The Greatest Movie Slot Gaming Scenes


Slot games can sometimes be the heart of a casino, with there being hundreds of slot machines available in some of the larger casinos. Because of this, naturally some movies have decided to use these in their plots and movie sets to great success. Most people who enjoy watching movies with casinos also enjoyed Big Piggy Bank Slot.

But why do movies like to use casinos as either story plots or as locations for scenes?

In this article, we’ll be taking a look into some of the best movie slot gaming scenes ever made and what made these so special.

Ocean thirteen


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Released in 2007, Ocean Thirteen features some major acting names such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Al Pacino and many more. The plot of the story is when a new casino is opened, the main character sets out plans to sabotage the opening, messing with food critics, their cash system and many more to ensure the opening is a disaster and they lose a lot of money.

This all comes about following his friend suffering a heart attack due to being pressured into making a deal with the casino, so he sets his sights to avenge him and get back at them for what they did.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt put in a stellar performance in Ocean Thirteen and really steal the show. It’s a gripping movie that doesn’t let you look away for a second. With the majority of the movie being set in a brand-new casino, it’s a really great concept that definitely delivered.

Race to Witch Mountain

Released in 2009, Race to Witch Mountain was a movie about two aliens disguised as teenagers who are being chased down by government agents as they try to get back to their crashed spaceship. They obtain the help of Jack Bruno played by Dwayne Johnson who agrees to help them along their way to an unknown location.

The reason why this movie is on this list is due to the incredible casino scene, where to escape the two government agents, they make all the slot machines win a jackpot using their powers, causing a frenzy in the casino and allowing them to get away and continue on their journey.

Whilst most movies that are either set or feature a casino tend to be more dark and serious, there are occasions where the movie is the exception and goes against this, making them really stand out.

The Hangover


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The first of three movies, The Hangover was an incredible groundbreaking movie featuring some great actors such as Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms and Ken Jeong. With such a star-studded lineup, there weren’t any worries this one wouldn’t do well.

Set in Las Vegas, the crew set out on a stag do and things are going well to start off with, being in a casino and enjoying themselves, but things quickly turn sour and start to fall apart. It’s a true comical classic and there’s no wonder why it got another two movies made due to its success. Whilst most of the actors involved were household names already, The Hangover really propelled them to complete stardom and truly put their names on the map.

Casino Royale


Credit: Sony Pictures

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We couldn’t have a list about famous movies involving casinos and slot machines and not include Casino Royale, could we? Released in 2006, featuring icon and legend Daniel Craig is the one and only 007 agent James Bond. In usual fashion, James Bond is seen calm and collected, not breaking a sweat throughout the movie. Whilst only a small scene, James Bond is seen playing a slot machine and obviously winning the jackpot.

Arguably one of the most popular James Bond movies in a long line of releases, however we felt we just couldn’t leave this one out.



Credit: Universal Pictures

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Featuring the all-mighty Robert De Niro, we don’t think it would’ve been possible to make this list without this one. A movie set around a casino, Robert De Niro plays a stellar role as a powerful casino manager. It’s a true De Niro classic and a must-watch for fans of his as he puts up one of his best performances.

Casinos and slot machines have been in numerous movies throughout the years, from quick short scenes to the whole movie being filmed in one, and there’s definitely one thing for sure, if it’s in a casino, you know it’s going to be a good scene.

With just how many movies have used casinos in movies you’d have thought it would felt overdone and reused. However, that’s far from it, and each new casino scene really is a delight to watch.