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Peyton Reed In Talks To Direct An X-Men Movie For Marvel (EXCLUSIVE)


In what could be a game-changing move for Marvel Studios, Peyton Reed, the creative force behind the Ant-Man films, is currently in discussions to direct an upcoming X-Men movie.

This development marks a significant moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as it prepares to reintegrate the X-Men into its sprawling superhero saga.

Known for his deft handling of action and humour, Reed’s potential directorial venture into the X-Men universe is buzzing with excitement and anticipation among fans and industry insiders alike.

Reed’s possible involvement in the X-Men reboot has been a topic of discussion within Marvel Studios for some time, as they believe his unique vision could bring a fresh perspective to the beloved mutant franchise.

Peyton Reed to direct the X-Men for Marvel…?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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An insider source revealed that Marvel has been, as they put it, “keen on getting Reed to direct their X-Men movie” for some time.

They added that scripts are being worked on and added that “Marvel would like the film to be released after the upcoming Avengers film”.

Insider sources have also revealed that Reed is already in talks with Michael Fassbender, potentially reprising his role as the magnetic Magneto, which adds another layer of intrigue to this already tantalising project.

Our source informed us that Reed has already been chatting with Michael Fassbender about working together and that there is “a potential return for Fassbender as Magneto.”

The source went on to add that the two of them “met recently at a swanky hotel in London” and were informed that the meeting between the two of them went very well.

The source also said that the potential of working on characters like Fassbender’s version of Magneto is “very alluring to Reed”, and they also want to work together on an upcoming project.

The Return of Magneto


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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One of the most electrifying aspects of Reed’s potential X-Men movie is the return of Michael Fassbender as Magneto.

Known for his powerful portrayal of the complex mutant leader, Fassbender’s involvement would not only bridge the gap between the previous X-Men films and the MCU but also ensure continuity and depth in the character’s portrayal.

Insider sources have hinted at exciting narrative possibilities, exploring Fassbender’s Magneto in new contexts within the MCU, particularly focusing on his tumultuous relationship with other mutants and his crucial role in mutant affairs.


Credit: 20th Century Studios

Peyton Reed himself has expressed enthusiasm about working with Marvel again.

However, he did mention in an interview with Collider that he wasn’t interested in helming an X-Men movie.

Here’s what Reed had to say about potentially making an X-Men movie for Marvel Studios:

I’m not an X-Men guy. Jeff Loveness, he’s an X-Men guy. I love the X-Men, I love watching X-Men movies. I don’t want to make an X-Men movie.

So, that does sound as though he wasn’t interested in the project back then.

However, perhaps the addition of Fassbender to the picture might have convinced Reed to go ahead and make the movie for Marvel Studios,

The collaboration between Reed and Fassbender could redefine Magneto’s legacy in the cinematic universe, providing a richer, more nuanced exploration of his motivations and actions.

Integrating X-Men into the MCU


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The integration of the X-Men into the MCU is a meticulously planned endeavour, with scripts currently in development (confirmed by Deadline) aimed at a release following the upcoming Avengers film.

Reed’s approach to the X-Men promises to maintain the series’ traditional themes of identity, acceptance, and the fight against prejudice, while also introducing new dynamics that are expected to resonate with a modern audience.

The potential addition of Reed at the helm could signal a shift towards a more character-driven narrative, similar to his work on the Ant-Man series, which successfully balanced action with deep personal stories.

Reed’s directorial style, which often includes a mix of heartfelt moments and light-hearted humour, could bring a fresh tone to the X-Men series, making it accessible to both die-hard fans and new viewers.

Final Thoughts: A New Era for X-Men


Credit: Marvel Studios

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As Reed explores the possibility of directing an X-Men movie, the anticipation builds not only for the return of iconic characters like Magneto but also for the new directions the franchise could explore.

Reed’s potential involvement might just be the rejuvenating factor the X-Men need to successfully relaunch within the MCU, blending the established lore with new cinematic landscapes.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Reed and Marvel Studios could mark the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for the X-Men franchise.

With a blend of experienced storytelling and fresh perspectives, the mutant universe is poised to captivate audiences anew.

As details continue to unfold, fans can only wait eagerly for official confirmations and further announcements about this thrilling project.

We’ve reached out directly to Disney and Marvel Studios – both parties declined to comment.

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You can stream Reed’s last Marvel Studios movie, Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania, right now on Disney Plus.