Marvel Gave Sam Raimi A Lot Of Freedom On Doctor Strange 2


Sam Raimi has revealed in a recent interview that Marvel Studios gave him a lot of freedom when directing Doctor Strange 2 (Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness).

Raimi recently spoke to and he opened up about what it was like to work with Marvel Studios on Doctor Strange 2.

Here’s what Raimi had to say about working with Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige on Doctor Strange 2:

I felt absolutely free, but my goal was not actually to put my mark on it, but to recognise where the fans had been with the characters; where the storyline had been; and really tell the next instalment. I came in more as a craftsman whose job it was to pick up the bridge that had been built to a certain point, and create my extension in an interesting way, and leave it off with the next bridge-builder to carry on.

Marvel Studios gave Sam Raimi carte blanche on Doctor Strange 2


Credit: Sony Pictures

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However, that’s not all that Raimi had to say about working on the movie.

He also spoke of what it was like to bring horror into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU):

I love making horror pictures. I love being in the audience when you’ve designed a suspense sequence and then a scare, and watching the audience react, knowing that it’s going to come. You feel like a bad kid that’s going to jump out in the playground and scare another kid. It’s a very base enjoyment, but it’s really a lot of fun as the director.

Raimi also liked bringing horror into the MCU

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Raimi then went on to speak about what it was like to define the Multiverse for the MCU in Doctor Strange 2:

Defining the multiverses was the most daunting thing for me, as we began. (…) How will we define this visually, sonically, with photography? What will be the tools we use to create a complete universe? It’s not world-building, it’s universe-building. How on earth are we going to approach that? (…) The feeling of those environments continued to be refined, just until probably last week.

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