Fantastic Four Director Says Casting Rumours Are All False


Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman clears up casting rumours, telling all that none of it is true. In an interview with Collider, Shakman reveals that the MCU film is still in early development, and he’s still busy working on another project.

Ever since we saw John Krasinski portraying Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, many got excited to see the Fantastic Four. Actually, most of us even thought that Krasinski already had the role. It’s hard to think that anyone else will get it.

But then again, the Doctor Strange sequel featured Krasinski as fan casting at most. He did say it was just a one-day shoot, and he said that it might just be a cameo role. Anyway, his character did just turn into blue spaghetti after facing Wanda.

As far as the public knows, the future of Krasinski’s version of Mister Fantastic was not really set in stone.

Once we got the announcement that Fantastic Four will be happening, many have speculated who will be cast into Marvel’s first family. We’ve been teased all the way back in SDCC 2019.

At the time, we didn’t even know that the movie would be scheduled to release in February 2025.

Matt Shakman Says Casting For Fantastic Four Rumours Are False

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After that, Krasinski said that he doesn’t know if he’ll return for the role. There were several reports of who might take the role of MCU’s Mister Fantastic and the rest of the Fantastic Four team.

We’ve heard about Penn Badgley, Adam Driver, William Jackson Harper, Joseph Quinn, and, more recently, Dev Patel.

There were even reports that Jodie Comer would be playing Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman. At one point, many wanted to see Emily Blunt take the role because of her husband John Krasinski. We could even add Alexandra Daddario to that list.

Even Rudy Pankow was reported to be the new Human Torch, aka Johnny Storm.

There are so many names, but Marvel or director Matt Shakman has said nothing about the rumoured casting.

After months of waiting, Shakman clears up the rumours by saying to Collider:

All the casting stuff you see is just rumours. We are early in our process there. We have nothing to announce right now, and certainly, when we do we’ll let you know.

In the same interview, he also said that he had just finished the tv series The Consultant for Amazon Prime which he is currently promoting. He still has work ahead of him with Godzilla and the Titans tv series for Apple.

He can only focus on Fantastic Four after that.

However, that doesn’t mean Shakman hasn’t started working on Fantastic Four. He has been involved in the pre-production. Ant-Man director Payton Reed has admitted that he has seen the concept art for the upcoming film without revealing anything.

Reed himself wanted to make a Fantastic Four film set in the 60s, but this was before the MCU even existed.

Fantastic Four Is Set To Start Filming Within The Year


Credit: Sunstar Entertainment

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It’s obvious that Fantastic Four is one of the films many MCU fans are excited about. While we are getting a few updates here and there with Deadpool 3 and Blade, many want to know about what’s happening with Marvel’s first family.

Marvel is notorious for keeping secrets. They have tightened their security ever since Sony’s Spider-Man: No Way Home slipped up from several actors. It’s possible that there is some truth to the rumours, but actors are in a contract not to say anything.

I am still hoping for John Krasinski to appear as the MCU’s Reed Richards. But only time will tell. Even if he isn’t the MCU’s Mister Fantastic, there are rumours that his version might still show up in Avengers: Secret Wars.

Fantastic Four is set to start filming within the year, which seems to be on schedule so far. Unless we hear another push on MCU movie releases. So, we should hear more official news about casting in the coming months.

What can you say about the casting rumours for Fantastic Four? Do you think Marvel already has actors in place, but they are just keeping things quiet?

Or Matt Shakman is telling the truth and they haven’t cast anyone yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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