Adam Driver Eyed For Fantastic Four Lead Role

Adam Driver Eyed For Fantastic Four Lead Role

Rumour has it that Marvel is keen on having Adam Driver for a Fantastic Four lead role. In fact, more sources come forth to say he is the frontrunner for the role of Reed Richards.

There is also a report that he may just be in a position to be MCU’s Doctor Doom. Hero or villain, does this mean that the actor who portrayed the third generation Skywalker in the Star Wars saga could take his pick?

Unlike the casting news, Driver’s acting prowess is not a rumour. In fact, he has two Academy Award nominations to prove it.

Moreover, his previous experience working under Lucasfilm could very well be adding to the chances that Marvel Studios really has him in their mind.

Needless to say, both studios belong to the House of Mouse.

Marvel’s first family is finally coming into the MCU. Fans are in a fever pitch in dreaming of their cast.

With the director of WandaVision, Matt Shakman at the helm, we have an idea of how broad his vision could be for the project. Jeff Kaplan and Ian Springer of Disaster Wedding will write the script.

Adam Driver Rumored To Be Cast For Fantastic Four Lead Role


Credit: Marvel Studios

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Other actors that have been floated for the Mr. Fantastic role are Penn Badgley, John Krasinski, and Diego Luna. However, Luna has already ended the idea because his schedule is already full for the next two years.

Quite possibly, it is due to the follow-up seasons of the Disney Plus series Andor of Lucasfilms.

Aside from epic fantasy and drama, Driver has taken on other genres such as romance, comedy, crime and horror.

He starred in Marriage Story paired with Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson where he got his Best Actor Oscar nomination. Meanwhile, he got his Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in BlacKkKlansman, which won the 2019 Oscar award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Even The Direct’s own sources say that Driver is Marvel Studios’ top casting choice for Reed Richards.

Apart from casting, many are also having their own bets on which storyline the MCU will bring forward for the Fantastic Four. As of now, the story arc for the film that will launch MCU’s Phase 6 is still in deep development.

Thus, fans take to the comic book run of Marvel’s First Family for inspiration. While The Direct did mention Doctor Doom, there are those who say that the MCU might not immediately feature him as the villain for the first movie.

Adam Driver May Be In Fantastic Four Lead Cast

Adam Driver Eyed For Fantastic Four Lead Role

Credit: Marvel Comics Group

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But, if they are looking for someone to portray the character, then that means they have him in the Phase 6 movie, right?

Many did say that for the Fantastic Four to get its rightful introduction to the MCU fold, it is just natural to have Doctor Doom pitted against them.

The thing is, MCU has introduced a character without featuring an origin story before. We are looking at you, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

There could be a chance they’d get their soft introduction in earlier titles as well. Then the 2025 movie will not have to delve into their origin but let them dive right into addressing a pressing conflict.

Insiders believe that casting announcements will be in order very soon. Considering they already have the director and writers on board, they only have two years to get this on track and avoid any delay.

Furthermore, many agree that the MCU will introduce the cast at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. It truly is a great time to be a fan.

Fantastic Four stretches to theatres on February 14th, 2025. Do you think Adam Driver fits the role of Reed Richards or is he more of a Doctor Doom?


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