Tim Allen Returning As The Voice Of Buzz Lightyear In Toy Story 5

Tim Allen Returning As The Voice Of Buzz Lightyear In Toy Story 5

After Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the development of new sequels, Tim Allen has now tweeted that he’s going to return as Buzz Lightyear for Toy Story 5. Contrary to what most think after Toy Story 4, the franchise is on its way to the fifth instalment.

ComicBook.com reproted on other titles in development and the toys’ possible story.

Generations of Disney animation audiences have fond memories of the toys in the Toy Story franchise. The first movie even set the bar for computer-generated imagery to new heights.

Tom Hanks as the voice of Woody, the old favourite toy, with Allen as the new toy on Andy’s birthday were both just iconic, to say the least. The premise of the favourite toy getting ‘dethroned’ with the arrival of a new ‘cooler’ toy hits home for a lot of kids and kids at heart at the time.

Years later, the two toys formed a formidable bond that faced a lot of challenges until they had to part ways at the end of the fourth movie.

Toy Story 5 Is In Development With Tim Allen Back As Buzz Lightyear

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Allen’s tweet reads:

See ya soon Woody, you are a sad strange little man and you have my pity. And off we go to a number 5! To infinity and beyond!

This a line in the movie in which he addresses Woody as the sad, strange little man before Buzz realizes he is just a toy. T – O – Y …toy. Allen disclosed years ago that the particular line is one of those he made up as he worked on lending his voice to Buzz.

Tweeting his confirmation with a line that is possibly his favourite line ever is a hint that the movie will call back many of its original arcs.

Will it be Buzz’s turn to be dethroned in Toy Story 5? I remember seeing the first ever movie back then and it got me nostalgic and guilty about my own toys that were neglected somewhere at home.

It gave me the insight that the toys I had did get me through a lot of fun as well as challenging times. And the toys accepting that Andy was growing up in the following instalments and the closure of Woody’s arc with Bo Peep were just beautifully told stories.

It has to be said that there is the question of whether Woody will be in the fifth movie. Pointing out that at the conclusion of the fourth movie, he opted to stay with Bo Peep.

What are the odds that the toys would find each other again? Somehow I could only think of toy donation drives or outreach programs where lost or old toys find new kids. But that is already covered in the previous movies.

Though Hanks did say that the possibility of another movie after the fourth is always there. The condition is only that there should be a spectacular story for it. LAD Bible in 2019, the actor is quoted saying:

Well, no one is planning on [Toy Story 5], but I wouldn’t be surprised if somewhere two-and-a-half years from now someone has this kernel of an idea that could become it. None of the Toy Story movies are in a schedule, they’re not in a pipeline. They don’t say, ‘on this date, we’ll start work on the next Toy Story movie’. They wait until someone comes up with a Toy Story idea that is worthwhile pursuing.

Tim Allen Back As Buzz Lightyear For Toy Story 5

Tim Allen Returning As The Voice Of Buzz Lightyear In Toy Story 5

Credit: Disney

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It’s been more than two years and a half since that statement and here we are. Allen confirming his return just fortifies that there will be a part of the fifth movie concerning Bonnie.

At the end of the fourth movie, it was Buzz and the rest of the gang that were left with Bonnie’s family. Only Woody remained with Bo Peep.

Allen’s tweet definitely got the audience’s attention. From the moment of its post up to the writing of this article, it already has 2.9M views, 4,155 Retweets, 1,055 Quote Tweets and 48.8K Likes.

People’s comments come as varied as happily looking forward to the project, to cautiously anticipating the new movie. A number have been critical, noting that Disney seems to have some checklist for their recent movies to satisfy the woke culture.

The same people are afraid that the franchise is actually wearing itself rather thin with a fifth movie.

What else is left to tell? Apparently, there are still some that Toy Story can shed light on. Any chances that they will introduce a new main character?

What do you make of this news? Did you expect that there would still be a follow-up movie after Toy Story 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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