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It Chapter 2 Was The Worst Horror Film Of 2019

I love horror movies, and 2019 was a pretty good year as far as horror was concerned. We got some really good scary films last year, but sadly It Chapter 2 (or It Chapter Two) was not one of them. I was a huge fan of the first It movie. I thought that director Andy…

It: Chapter 2’s New Trailer Is Here And It’s Bloody Terrifying

The first full trailer for It: Chapter 2 is here, and it features some darn right disturbing Pennywise action. Check it out here. I’ll make no bones about it, Andy Muschietti’s follow up to his incredible take on Stephen King’s terrifying novel It is my most anticipated film of 2019. I loved the first It…


It Review

Stephen King’s It has arrived on our cinema screens, but is Pennywise going to haunt your nightmares or does it end up being a bit of a sad-faced clown?