Justice League 2 In The Works With The Flash Director?


Justice League 2 might just be happening, but not in the way people think. According to a new report from Giant Freakin Robot, Warner Bros Discovery is currently in talks with The Flash director, Andy Muschietti, to direct a sequel to 2017’s Justice League movie. This would be a very interesting new development in the DC Universe, but I’m not sure if it would be very popular with the SnyderVerse fans online. Let me explain why and what’s going on.

Before I go into more detail on this story, I would like to add that I have asked a number of people who’ve worked with Warner Bros in the past about this report. No one has come back to me confirming that this is the case. However, this doesn’t mean that Giant Freakin Robot’s report isn’t valid. I actually have a suspicion that Muschietti and Warner Bros might very well want to work together again. All I’m not sure about is whether it would be for a Justice League 2 or not.

Is Justice League 2 in development at Warner Bros Discovery?


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One of the big questions that needs to be answered is is Justice League 2 is even an idea over at Warner Bros Discovery. I actually have it in good authority that this is something that the new leadership at WB Discovery is very interested in pursuing. The company’s CEO, David Zaslav, has made it clear that he wants to make more movies with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in them. He wants to make big Hollywood blockbusters that will make bucket loads of cash.

I have a feeling that all rides on how well The Flash, Black Adam, Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2 end up doing. However, I suspect that they’ve seen The Flash movie already and have been very impressed. Our sources with close ties to Warner Bros have said that the movie is “really impressive”. A source actually told us that the movie is a cross between Back To The Future and Tim Burton’s Batman 1989, and that’s a combination that I really love the sound of.

Apparently, Andy Muschietti has directed something very special with The Flash movie, which is why WB is so keen on getting it released. They’re proud of the film and want to make sure it’s released in cinemas. According to our source, the whole “Miller situation has been resolved”. This seems to indicate that WB was happy with their public apology for their recent behaviour, and they consider the matter to be resolved. They just want to move on and have the movie be in cinemas and make as much money as it possibly can.

It all depends on how well The Flash does

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Again, none of my sources were able to confirm that Justice League 2 is in active development, but they also didn’t deny that this could be a possibility. One source, who’s worked closely with WB in the past stated that “Muschietti and Warners have a very close working relationship, and the new leadership loves him.” So, it sounds like Mushietti and the Warner Bros executives are like two peas in a pod, right now. That could end up going south if The Flash fails to perform at the box office.

However, for now, it seems as though he’s the man that Zaslav and co. want to have at the forefront of the DC Universe. It seems to be him and Todd Phillips who are in Zaslav’s good books right now, and it’s no surprise to hear that they are planning for the future of the DC Universe with these two directors in mind.

We’re going to have to wait and see what happens, but I have a good feeling about Muschietti based on what I’ve been told about The Flash. I’ve also been informed by people who’ve worked closely with the director that he’s a real pleasure to work with. I like it when nice guys succeed. Don’t you? So, all this to say that I’m rooting for Muschietti, and I think you should be too, whether you’re a SnyderVerse fan or not.

What do you make of this news? Do you like the idea of Andy Muschietti making a Justice League 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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