It Chapter Two Director Andy Muschietti Is In Early Talks To Direct The Howling For Netflix

Andy Muschietti has been quite busy over the last few years, mostly making It and It Chapter Two, however, it looks like the director is going to be very busy moving forward as well.

He’s already spoken of how he would like to make It Chapter Three, however, he did admit that that particular movie is a long way off from being greenlit.

However, one movie which might be a bit closer to going into production is The Howling at Netflix, and it’s rumoured that Muschietti is that man they want to direct it.

The streaming service purchased the movie rights to The Howling, which is a novel written by Gary Brandner‘s which was then made into a movie in 1977.

Joe Dante directed the film, but it’s very different to the book, which is genuinely terrifying.

According to Collider, there was some truth in the rumours first started by The Hashtag Show that Muschietti is interested in the project.

However, Collider’s Jeff Snyder was keen to stress that Netflix and Muschietti are still a long way off from striking a deal.

Andy Muschietti could make The Howling for Netflix

Bill Hader in Stephen King's It Chapter Two

Bill Hader in Stephen King’s It Chapter Two (Credit: Warner Bros)

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Netflix has been trying to bolster its original horror offerings over the last few years.

We saw the likes of The Haunting Of Hill House, Veronica, Stranger Things, Geralt’s Game, Annihilation and Apostle, which all garnered critical acclaim.

However, they haven’t all been hits. Eli, In The Tall Grass and Death Note didn’t perform well with critics.

In other words, those movies were utter pants, and I should know because I watched them.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Netflix manages to hire the services on Muschietti for their version of The Howling, however, he might be rather busy trying to make The Flash movie for DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures.

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