It Chapter 2 Was The Worst Horror Film Of 2019

I love horror movies, and 2019 was a pretty good year as far as horror was concerned. We got some really good scary films last year, but sadly It Chapter 2 (or It Chapter Two) was not one of them.

I was a huge fan of the first It movie. I thought that director Andy Muschietti had done an excellent job in bringing one part of Stephen King’s book to the big screen.

The first movie focused on the main characters as children as they went up against Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise the Clown and it was really quite frightening.

However, the second film was always going to be a bit of a struggle because it would be about the characters returning to Derry as adults, and these were always the more boring parts of the books.

Well, it turns out that It Chapter 2 didn’t manage to make the adult characters any more interesting, and if anything the film ended up being one of the dullest movies I watched in 2019.

It was boring, formulaic, unoriginal and worst of all, it wasn’t scary. Pennywise was basically the same. Nothing new there, and I do wonder whether the Stephen King renaissance we’ve been experiencing on the big screen over the last few years has come to an end.

It Chapter 2 had virtually no scares

The Losers Club in It Chapter 2

The Losers Club in It Chapter 2 – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Before you start saying that I’m talking rubbish, let’s look at the other horror movies that came out in 2019.

There was Midsommar, which wasn’t perfect, but packed a bit of a punch. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and Us, both of which I really loved. Ready Or Not, Crawl and The Lighthouse, which are all brilliant.

Then you have the not-so-good movies like Annabelle Comes Home, Child’s Play, Brightburn, Doctor Sleep and The Prodigy.

There were so many horror films that came out in 2019, however, none of them left me feeling as empty and disappointed as It Chapter 2.

The only film that came close was Doctor Sleep. Perhaps it’s my love of Stephen King that’s getting in the way, however, when you have such good filmmakers attached to these films, and a cast list as incredible as It Chapter 2 (and Doctor Sleep) has, then it’s fair enough to expect a better final product.

The fact that Muschietti wants to release an even longer version of It Chapter 2 and has been thinking of making a third It movie really baffles me.

2019 was a great year for horror, but not for Stephen King adaptations

Bill Hader in Stephen King's It Chapter 2

Bill Hader in Stephen King’s It Chapter 2 (Credit: Warner Bros)

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People may not agree with my take on It Chapter 2, and that’s fine, but all I can say is that I watch a lot of horror, and It Chapter 2 gave me nothing.

Every other horror film to come out in 2019 that I watched had at least a little something going for it, a little something unique and interesting to latch onto.

It Chapter 2 didn’t. I read a lot of articles and reviews claiming that Bill Hader was great as Richie Tozer, but I didn’t think that.

I thought it felt like Hader was in a completely different movie. Then you had James McAvoy in the lead as Bill Denbrough.

I usually love McAvoy in everything he’s in, however, in It Chapter 2 he delivers one of the most lifeless performances I’ve ever seen from him

The same could be said about Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh.

It Chapter 2 needed to be so much better than it was

It: Chapter 2 Will Be Coming to Cinemas in September 2019

Andy Muschietti directing It Chapter 1 – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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You see, these are the reasons why It Chapter 2 can be called the worst horror movie of 2019.

It would have had one of the biggest budgets, the best cast… However, Warner Bros. Pictures’ movie turned out to be nothing but a silent frat of a movie with nothing to say.

In short, the movie stank when it should have been brilliant, and that’s why I’ve put it down as 2019’s worst horror film.

Which 2019 horror film did you think was the worst? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Assassin Maya

    You call yourself a critic, rather you are a true idiot to say these stupidities about “IT Chapher 2” I do not know what the hell they are trying to prove, or rather that you try to achieve, surely a damn notoriety for everyone to believe that you are a professional, but rather an idiot who just wants to point out that it’s a bad movie because you don’t like me or I don’t know what the hell you expected to see in the movie. Because that’s what idiots like you who expected to find with what they thought they found in the movie didn’t come out, and that’s why they start tantrums.

  2. Assassin Maya

    Think before you speak and publish these stupidities, be more constructive and less negative idiot. Get to work really, or better yet, why don’t you try to make a movie, and show how to make a good horror movie. To have? Show how to make the pleicula that you wanted “IT” to be

    • Edward Lauder

      Thanks for commenting Maya. Honestly, I do understand why you’re so upset. I don’t usually write negative articles about movies, however, I felt there should be an exception made for It Chapter 2 because it really should have been better given how good the first movie was and who was involved in this second film. I think I explained my point very clearly in the article, but again, thank you for your comments and thanks for reading the piece.

  3. Anonymous

    There are way too many ads on your site, but I suffered through them all to find someone who hates this movie as much as I do. Thank you for spreading the good word.

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