Matthew McConaughey Reportedly Being Considered To Play Reverse-Flash In The Flash Movie

What is going on with The Flash movie? That’s a really good question. The movie seems to be getting a new director every other day, but now Andy Muschietti is the person tasked with helming the film, and it’s looking like he might get Matthew McConaughey in as Reverse-Flash.

McConaughey’s been in contention for so many comic book movie roles over the years, and the most recent one he’s been talked about for is Harvey Two-Face in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

However, it’s looking like that particular rumour wasn’t true, yet there’s a new one making the rounds which suggests he’s being eyed to play Reverse-Flash in DC Comics’ The Flash movie.

This rumour comes courtesy of We Got This Covered (make of it what you will), and they claim that an insider source told them Andy Muschietti is keen on bringing McConaughey in to play the iconic Flash villain.

Reverse-Flash is basically exactly what it says on the tin. He’s the reverse image of The Flash, or in other words he’s the evil Flash.

He has the same powers as Barry Allen, yet is evil and wants to rid the world of The Flash. The character’s actual name is Eobard Thawne, however, he’s gone through many different iterations in the comics.

Is Matthew McConaughey really playing Reverse-Flash in The Flash movie?

Could Matthew McConaughey be cast as Reverse-Flash in The Flash movie?

Could Matthew McConaughey be cast as Reverse-Flash in The Flash movie? – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The original version of the character in the comics was called Edward Clariss and he was known as The Rival or Rival Flash.

Then came Eobard Thawn’s version of the character and was redubbed as Reverse-Flash, yet he also went by the name of Professor Zoom.

There was then Hunter Zoloman who was simply called Zoom, Thaddeus Thawne who was also Kid Flash for a while, and the most recent character to take up the mantle as Reverse-Flash was Daniel West who’s also the younger brother of Iris West.

As you can tell, the DC Comics supervillain’s had an interesting past and I really do think McConaughey would be an interesting choice to play the character.

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