Flash Director Eyed For New Henry Cavill Superman Film


It’s being reported that The Flash director, Andy Muschietti, is being eye for the new Henry Cavill Superman movie. This was reported by the Twitter user El Calavero (via Geekosity). When I read this report, I actually thought it was a pretty good idea, and there have been reports that Warner Bros Discovery’s executives are big fans of the Argentinian director.

Muschietti has already made two pretty big movies for Warner Bros in the two It movies. It was then reported that Warners was looking at Muschietti to direct another DC Comics film for them. It was suggested that this movie could be either The Flash 2 (which already has a script ready to go) or Justice League 2. However, it seems that Warners might be looking at the director to helm a Superman film starring Henry Cavill.

Could Andy Muschietti direct a new Henry Cavill Superman film?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Before today, there were reports that Warner Bros Discovery might be looking at Steven Spielberg to direct a Man Of Steel sequel. It was also reported that this upcoming new Henry Cavill Superman movie would reboot the character’s origin story, which I still don’t think is a very good idea. However, I think getting a very good director on board to helm the project is an excellent idea.

It’s been reported that Warner Bros is accepting pitches for Superman films. This all comes after it was revealed that Cavill is going to be back for good as the Man Of Steel in the DC Universe. According to reports, Christopher McQuarrie is one of the names very high up on Warners’ list. However, we were recently told that Muschietti is also on Warner Bros’ wishlist of directors to bring the Man Of Steel back to the big screen.

We were specifically told that Warner Bros Discovery has a “very long wishlist of directors” to helm a future Superman movie, and “[Andy] Muschietti is higher up on that list than you might expect”. That was a rather cryptic answer to our question, but it has me thinking that Warner Bros is still weighing up its options when it comes to the director of the next Man Of Steel film.

This also comes after it was revealed that Cavill filmed some new scenes as Superman for Muschietti’s Flash movie. So, he’s already directed Cavill and they might just have hit it off during that short period and might have come up with a cool idea for a new Supes movie. Also, with the news that Cavill is also looking to produce the next Superman movie, he might also want a say in whole Warners’ picks to direct the upcoming film.

Who could direct the Superman movie?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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As mentioned above, many names have been put into the ring when it comes to potential filmmakers to helm the project. Christopher McQuarrie and Steven Spielberg are two of them. However, I’ve heard other names such as Matthew Vaughn, and now Muschietti also seem to be in the mix.

There are so many great directors out there that could bring the character back to the big screen. I know that many people would love to see Zack Snyder come back to direct another Man Of Steel film. However, I feel they will not want to bring Zack back into the fold when it comes to Supes because they have a new vision for the superhero. Cavill himself revealed that they want to make the character more “joyful” in the upcoming movie. That won’t really align too well with Snyder’s vision for the character, which was quite dark.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Andy Muschietti direct a new Henry Cavill Superman movie for Warner Bros. Pictures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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