Check Out Michael Keaton’s Batman In The Flash’s First Trailer

Check Out Michael Keaton’s Batman In The Flash’s First Trailer

The latest trailer for DC Studios’ The Flash is out and Michael Keaton is killing it as he returns as Batman. Ever since it was announced that Keaton would be returning as the Dark Knight, many fans of Tim Burton’s Batman got excited to see him back in action again.

We’ve seen concept art, Keaton has also been saying to everyone that his Batman is back. Promotional images also featured the 1989 Batman logo.

Come on, the hype for his return has been growing. Even if Ezra Miller’s legal issues are so big, Keaton’s return as Batman is still something many fans are looking forward to. It’s been 34 years since Keaton started wearing the batsuit.

Previous trailers have only teased Keaton’s return, with his voice, bat ears and a covered batmobile. But we haven’t really seen the actor himself.

The Super Bowl trailer for The Flash surely didn’t disappoint. It showcased not only Keaton as Batman, but it also showed Ben Affleck also returning to the role.

Michael Keaton Returns As Batman In The Flash

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Based on the video we saw, it does seem that the story heavily relies on the Flashpoint storyline written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert.

The comic book was released back in May 2011. In the comic book, Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother. But this caused a ripple effect where Superman didn’t exist, Thomas Wayne is Batman instead of Bruce, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman were at war with each other.

It was revealed in the new trailer that Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen did the same thing. He went back in time to save his mother. But this changed much more than what happened in the comics.

In the new universe that Barry has created, metahumans didn’t exist. Not only that, but the Bruce Wayne he knew is different; it’s not the Ben Affleck version but the Michael Keaton version.

Miller also meets a version of himself that doesn’t have powers. Based on the latest trailer, I presume he taught his other self how to gain super speed.

In the comics, The Flash discovered that Superman was trapped in a military base. He was not the hero many knew him to be.

Check Out Michael Keaton’s Batman In The Flash’s First Trailer

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

In the movie trailer, they discover that the one trapped in the base is Supergirl, played by Sasha Calle. In other words, Superman doesn’t exist (yet) in this universe.

The biggest shift with this movie compared to the comics is that it recreated the events of Man of Steel, without Superman. Based on the trailer, this was the big realisation that Barry Allen made a mistake.

Zod, played by Michael Shannon from Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, returns and still plans to take over the world. I’m not sure what triggered Zod to return; was it because of Supergirl? Or is it something else?

The trailer also featured a new Batwing. While the last time we see Keaton’s version of the Batwing only held a single person in the 1989 Batman movie. The Batwing in The Flash is huge and it can hold passengers. I’m loving it.

We still wonder, when does Dark Flash come into play?

The Flash Resets The DC Universe And Saves The World With Michael Keaton’s Batman

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So far, based on the reactions on social media, there are a lot of positive remarks about the trailer. Yes, there are still negatives, but that is because of Ezra Miller being in the film. But in general, a lot of people are happy and excited about it.

But it also proves that if this is the universe that DC Studios will be keeping, then obviously, the DCEU is the main casualty of this movie.

I am also excited to see Ben Affleck’s return as Batman. We see a lot of action sequences with him on screen. So, I wonder where those scenes fit in the movie.

Michael Keaton’s return as Batman hasn’t been smooth. Many fans were upset with the cancellation of Batgirl, which should have featured Keaton’s return. We’ve even heard that Keaton even shot scenes for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which might even end up on the cutting floor.

Then again, we are also hearing that Ben Affleck’s appearance in the same film might be the one being cut. It’s just confusing. You can all blame this on Warner’s merger with Discovery.

In any case, seeing Michael Keaton return is nostalgic, and I love seeing him back in action. The trailer even showed him in fast action sequences.

While I do think this is CGI considering Keaton is already 71, it’s still amazing, nonetheless. I also enjoyed hearing the Danny Elfman soundtrack highlighted in the trailer.

Now we don’t know the future of Keaton’s Batman in the new DC Universe. Even though there are hints that he might stay for The Brave and The Bold, new information from co-CEO James Gunn reveals that the DCU Batman will be a new actor. So, there is still that fact as well.

What do you think of Michael Keaton’s Batman in The Flash? Excited? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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