The Flash Movie’s Terrifying Villain Revealed


The Flash’s movie toy line reveals the real terrifying villain of DC Universe’s version of Flashpoint. Leaked images of the toys were shown on Twitter which reveals the Dark Flash has been added to the mix.

For a long time now, we’ve known that the movie will be loosely based on one of DC’s most popular comic books, Flashpoint. So popular, in fact, that it has been made into an animated movie Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox and was also adapted into the CW’s The Flash tv series. The comic book was written by Geoff John and Andy Kubert and was released in 2011.

Because of this, many presumed that Eobard Thorne (aka Reverse Flash) could be the villain. Or another popular theory is that an alternate version of Barry Allen would turn out to be the Reverse Flash.

As movie merchandise goes, it’s a good resource for what is coming. Just last year, toys from Black Adam revealed Sabbac to be the main villain of Dwayne Johnson’s DC film.

This time, the images reveal Batman, The Flash, The Flash Young Barry and Dark Flash.

We know that the Batman shown is Michael Keaton’s version. The Flash and The Flash Young Barry is played by Ezra Miller. But who is the Dark Flash?

Revealing the Dark Flash is a twist indeed.

The Flash Movie’s Villain Is The Dark Flash

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The Dark Flash first appeared in The Flash Vol 2 #150, which was released in 1999. The character was created by Mark Waid and Paul Pelletier. This version of the Flash is Walter West, another version of Wally West. West started out as Kid Flash and as a sidekick of Barry Allen.

In Wally West’s universe, he married Linda Park and had kids. While in Dark Flash’s universe, his girlfriend Park was killed as he could not save her. This one event changed Walter forever, making him a cold-hearted vigilante.

We’re not sure if this is similar to the Dark Flash, in the comics. We’re not sure if this is Wally West or Walter West.

But it’s also possible that the Dark Flash is also Barry Allen from another universe. It’s going to be confusing if they reveal a new character in the franchise. So, I presume that they might use Barry Allen instead of Wally or Walter West. Our knowledge of his past regarding his parents, I think, is the key to the Flash’s film.

A ruthless version of Barry Allen making him Dark Flash could be a possibility. How would he turn out to be a villain? While Walter’s major event was the death of Linda Park, one thing I can think of is Barry Allen losing his father sooner than expected.

His father, Henry Allen, even though he was convicted of Nora Allen’s death, has always been that guide for Barry to see what is right and wrong. If Barry’s father dies earlier than expected, the event could have provoked his transformation into Dark Flash.

The Flash Movie’s Villain Possibly Brings More Speedsters In

The Flash Movie's Terrifying Villain Revealed

Credit: DC Comics

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Henry Allen is going to be played by Ron Livingston in the upcoming film. The father was previously played by Billy Crudup in the Justice League. The change in the actor is not related to the story but Cudrup was not available to film his scenes for The Flash.

Or another theory is that Iris West is the one who dies. We know Kiersey Clemons returns to play the role from Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Since Barry Allen is supposed to get married to Iris West, her death could be the trigger. Similar to Walter West’s version of his turn to the dark side.

But these are speculations.

Some news reports even considered the Dark Flash could be the movie version of Black Flash. One thing, the character does look the part. This version is like a grim reaper version of the Flash. But this seems a bit harder to explain since it’s not clear where Black Flash comes from.

The Black Flash usually only reveals himself when a speedster like the Flash dies.

The reveal of the Dark Flash gives us more speedsters than we originally expected. Will there be more? I don’t know.

What do you think of the Dark Flash? Do you think this is Barry Allen, or will it be Walter or Wally West? Or do you think that this is DC’s cinematic version of the Black Flash?

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