James Gunn Shoots Down George Clooney Batman DCU Rumours


Weeks after James Gunn launched their DCU slate, rumours went around the Internet saying George Clooney might appear as Batman in The Flash movie.

Furthermore, the source of the rumour implied that the Batman appearing in the cameo would be the DCU Batman.

Although the tweet did not specifically say the actor’s name, it did say that it would be a former Batman. Everyone already knew Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton were in the movie. This means that the rumour pertains to another actor who previously took on the role.

Naturally, many filled out the blank with Christian Bale and Val Kilmer. However, the name that had people saying who has the most possibility of being that actor is Clooney.

James Gunn Shoots George Clooney As DCU Batman Rumour Down

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Thanks to Gunn being active on social media, rumours about anything under his umbrella could be readily addressed. More than a handful of times, Gunn has directly answered questions to clarify surfacing unconfirmed information.

And this new talk about Clooney appearing in his DCU as ‘the’ Batman is now one of those rumours put to rest.

He immediately answered the negative when a fellow Twitter account holder asked him if he was getting Clooney as the DCU Batman. Gunn’s reply:

Absolutely not.

Then for a follow-up question as to whether they would have an old or new Batman in the DCU, he replied:

New actor.

The upcoming The Flash movie has released its official trailer at the Super Bowl yesterday. Outright, two Batmen appear in the clip.

While many fans say that they are excited to see the movie when it arrives in the theatres, many are speculating about who will appear in the movie.

As the hype rises as the movie premiere approaches, definitely many more speculations will sprout. Keeping the potential moviegoers interested is now key for DC Studios.

Whether or not Clooney is in the movie or he is the DCU Batman, the truth is people are excited to finally see a movie that will be within the scale of what DC intends.

The Flash is crucial to the following projects and for the DC slate to continue. The theatrical version of Flashpoint will introduce characters and alternate realities.

Much like what the comics did as well as the various adaptations in animation and television live-action, it will open doors to more avenues of storylines for the DC.

James Gunn Says George Clooney Is Not The DCU Batman


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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There is the common feeling that the upcoming DC slate is getting fresh faces for the characters: A young Superman and a new actor for Batman.

Gunn has also implied that the door is also open for Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Ezra Miller as The Flash.

People are also excited to see Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. The few seconds of the character that were shown in the trailer reflect a version of the Flashpoint Superman. With at least two Barry Allens, the story is already there.

Also notable is that the studio is placing the story’s focus on the lead actor in their marketing and promotional material. For reasons expected for months, the upcoming movie cannot depend on the popularity of the actor to push the movie forward.

This time, it is the story and the promise of more future projects that is being played up.

With that, the upcoming movie is basically a ‘portal’ of sorts for the new DC slate. Are you excited about seeing the movie this summer?

Do you think George Clooney could really appear even just as a cameo and not the DCU Batman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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