Fantastic Four Movie To Cast Sue Storm First

Fantastic Four Movie To Cast Sue Storm First

Casting for the Fantastic Four will focus first on Sue Storm before they cast the rest of Marvel’s first family. Ever since Marvel announced that they’ll be rebooting Fantastic Four back in 2019, a lot of fans were wondering who they would cast, especially with the last film starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara failing miserably on so many levels.

With the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness back in May 2022, seeing John Krasinski play Reed Richards and wearing an F4 suit got MCU fans excited. Even though his appearance was technically set as a one-and-done deal, many hoped that he could still continue. And for sure, many are still hoping now because Marvel hasn’t announced anything yet. But still, fans are waiting for official confirmation.

For the past few months now, we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz regarding who the new cast is. For Reed Richards, we saw rumors for Adam Driver, Penn Badgley, Dev Patel, and Joseph Quinn. While for Susan “Sue” Storm we saw Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence, Alexandra Daddario and more recently, Jodie Comer.

Susan Storm to Be Cast First For the Fantastic Four

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Justin Kroll, a reporter from Deadline, posted on Twitter that Sue Storm, aka Invisible Woman, will be the focus of Marvel’s casting before moving to the remaining team members:

While the film won’t shoot till top of 24, word around town is the Marvel will begin gearing up casting process of F4 this month. No names rumored for now but the belief is the focus will be casting Sue Storm first and building out the rest of team after she is set. Stay Tuned

Just to be clear, even if something is getting active or gearing up, could still be weeks or even months before we have our four actors given how thorough the studio and Feige are.

In other words, the Fantastic Four will rely heavily on her character. She is warm and caring, which makes her the heart or the glue of the team. It is because of her that the team works.

Still, we do expect that Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic, will still be the genius and team lead, Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, is the brash young brother of Sue, and Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, is the pessimistic engineer.

Sue Storm Is The Heart Of The Fantastic Four

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Matt Shakman, the director of the Fantastic Four, has said that he is currently focused on finishing the Apple TV Plus Godzilla and the Titans series before he can start working on the Marvel film. With this, it will still be some months before we hear anything about casting.

Shakman also directed Marvel’s WandaVision, which focused on Wanda and Vision as a family. The show received a lot of nominations. Because of this, he seems like a very good fit for the Fantastic Four film since the movie will be dealing with Marvel’s first family.

Fantastic Four will also be the first film for Marvel’s Phase 6. So, many people are expecting that this would be a good movie to kick off the new and final Phase of the MCU Multiverse Saga.

I’m hoping that we’ll get an update on the Fantastic Four casting at the SDCC this year. Marvel usually makes major announcements during that event. And Justin Kroll did say that production on the film is set in early 2024. So, we do expect some casting news within the year.

We don’t know what the upcoming movie will be, but since the film is set before the events of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, we could presume that the film will be dealing with the multiverse.

What do you make of Sue Storm being cast first for the Fantastic Four? Who do you think will be the new Sue Storm? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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