Will Moon Knight Season 2 Happen On Disney Plus?


Moon Knight has just come to an end on Disney Plus and fans are already debating whether Season 2 will happen or not.

The finale was, in my opinion, brilliant, and I cannot wait to see what Marvel decides to do next with the character.

The way the finale ended made it pretty obvious that the MCU is not done with Moon Knight, and thank Khonshu for that!

Moon Knight’s first season has turned out to be the best of these new MCU shows and one of the reasons it was so good was because it wasn’t really connected to the major MCU movies.

Moon Knight is its own beast and tells a unique story outside of the main MCU storyline.

Is Moon Knight Season 2 happening or not?

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So, fans have now been taking to Twitter to ask whether Moon Knight Season 2 is going to happen on Disney Plus.

Oscar Isaac, who plays the titular character in the show, along with some other alter-egos of that character: Steven Grant and Jake Lockley.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Everyone’s talking about Moon Knight season 2, but I want a movie please. With daredevil. Please.”

Another added: “Oh yeah I finally watched Moon Knight finale. It was actually really good and I’m happy with the overall show, praying we get a season 2 or movie announcement though because I don’t want them to continue Jakes’s story in a multiple character project.”

“[Moon Knight] Deserves a season 2 and a movie. You just CANT leave the fans hanging after one of the dopest entries into the MCU,” wrote a third fan on Twitter.

A fourth fan of the Moon Knight series added: “I really need Moon Knight season 2 or for it to become a movie!”

Should Moon Knight Season 2 happen?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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So, will Moon Knight get a season 2, or will see see Oscar Isaac return as the character in an MCU movie?

I think that the most likely thing to happen is a second season of Moon Knight.

The show’s director, Mohamed Diab, has already spoken of wanting Moon Knight to be tied to the MCU but have no crossover MCU characters and storylines.

I’m really hoping that Diab and Isaac get to work on a second season together.

Fingers crossed it happens.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to hopefully seeing Moon Knight Season 2 on Disney Plus?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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