The Midnight Club On Netflix: Everything We Know So Far


The Midnight Club is a new series from the creator of Netflix shows such as The Haunting Of Hill House and The Haunting Of Bly Manor, Mike Flanagan. It’s a series that’s been getting people very excited indeed because it promises to be yet another brilliant horror series from the man who gave us so many great scary shows in the past.

Flanagan not only gave us the Netflix shows listed above, but he also created and direct Midnight Mass (a favourite of ours from last year) and the movie, Doctor Sleep. So far, Flanagan hasn’t put a foot wrong, and it seems as though his next project will be yet another brilliant horror series.

However, I know that many of you will want to know more about The Midnight Club’s release date, its cast, the story and so on. So, here is everything we know about this new Netflix show.

The Midnight Club’s trailer

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The Mightnight Club’s very first teaser trailer was released not too long ago by Netflix, and I must say that it got us very intrigued to find out more. The trailer showed some of the series’ main characters, and they are all acting very creepy in a spooky-looking mansion.

Something about them is not quite right. Are these teenagers actual teenagers? Or are they ghosts, ghouls and goblins? Or are they teenagers who think they are playing a little game and end up getting wrapped up in something far more sinister?

It does seem as though there’s a lot of supernatural stuff going on in this trailer and in this strange mansion the characters find themselves in. The trailer ends with all the club members saying what seems to be their creed:

To those before. To those after. To us now. And to those beyond. Seen or unseen. Here but not here.

The Midnight Club’s cast


Credit: Netflix

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Mike Flanagan does like to work with the same actors in his projects. He has a pool of actors he likes to work with again and again.

This is a bit like people such as Christopher Nolan and Ryan Murphy, who enjoy working with the same actors on multiple projects. There are some actors in this trailer for The Midnight Club that some of you may have noticed were in one of Flanagan’s other projects, namely Midnight Mass.

Igby Rigney and Annarah Shephard both starred in Netflix’s Midnight Mass, and they are among some of the members of the club in this new Netflix series. We also have Aya Furukawa, who played Janine in The Baby-Sitter’s Club, and William Chris Sumpter, who was in Starz’s superhero series Power.

Then we have some actors in The Midnight Club that will also star in Flanagan’s upcoming The Fall of the House of Usher, including Ruth Codd and Sauriyan Sapkota.

Finally, we have newcomer Adia who rounds out the main group.

Zach Gilford, Matt Biedel (both from Midnight Mass), and Samantha Sloyan (The Haunting of Hill House) will all co-star in this new Netflix show.

Finally, we have The Bay’s Heather Langenkamp (best known to horror fans as the actor who played the Tupperware Lady in American Horror Story) plays the mysterious doctor who runs Rotterdam Home.

The Midnight Club’s release date


Credit: Netflix

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This is actually something that we can answer for you! It was revealed in The Midnight Club’s teaser trailer that the series will be released on Netflix on October 7th later this year!

This means that we should be watching this new spooky series around the Halloween period, which is just perfect! It wouldn’t be Halloween without something spooky to watch on Netflix.

It was also revealed that the show would consist of 10 episodes, and they’ll all be launched on Netflix at once. This means that we’ll be getting to binge-watch this series for at least a few days! Perfect for a rainy and spooky weekend if you ask me.

The Midnight Club’s plot


Credit: Netflix

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This is also another thing that we can give you a pretty solid answer on! We actually have a plot synopsis for The Midnight Club courtesy of Netflix. So, here it is:

At a hospice for terminally ill young adults, eight patients come together every night at midnight to tell each other stories — and make a pact that the next of them to die will give the group a sign from the beyond. Based on the 1994 novel of the same name as well as other works by Christopher Pike.

So, it sounds as though this series will be taking place in a hospice, and some very creepy and unusual things will be happening in it. The series is based on a novel of the same name that was written by Christopher Pike. It’ll also take on elements of some of Pike’s other stories.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to watching The Midnight Club when it’s finally released on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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