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Chris Evans Reportedly Returning As Captain America In Secret Wars


It’s being reported that Chris Evans could be returning as Captain America in the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars movie. It seems as though Marvel Studios is very keen on getting the whole gang back together for what promises to be one of the cinematic events of all time. There had been reports that Marvel might be looking at getting Chris to play an alternate version of the Human Torch in the movie. However, we’re now hearing that he’ll actually be returning to the MCU as Cap, which I think is a much better use of the actor’s time!

So, according to industry scooper Daniel Richtman (commonly known as DanielRPK across social media), it looks like Chris Evans and Marvel Studios are deep in negotiations regarding his return to the MCU as Captain America. We last saw Evans play the role in Avengers: Endgame, and since then there’s been a pretty big void left by the actor. Nobody’s really been able to step into Cap’s shoes, however, they have given it a very good go!

Chris Evans is returning as Cap in Avengers: Secret Wars


Credit: Marvel Studios

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We’ve seen the likes of Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson try to come to grips with being given the shield by Cap. However, he ended up handing it to Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes for a while in The Falcon And The Winter Solider. However, it does seem as though Wilson was the person to be the next Captain America all along, and we’re going to get to see him really own the role in the upcoming movie, Captain America: Brave New World, which will be the fourth Captain America movie.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how all of this develops, especially with the rumour that Evans will be returning as his version of the character. Chris Evans, in my view, was born to play the role, and I think he still has a lot to offer. His leaving the role was merely a blip in the MCU, and I think he will be coming back and will play an important part in the MCU moving forward. At least, that’s what I hope will happen.

How could Evans’ Cap return to the MCU…?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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There are plenty of ways they could bring back a younger version of Cap in the MCU. I’m not worried about that at all. I’m actually really interested in seeing how this all unfolds as we edge ever closer to the release of Avengers: Secret Wars, which promises to be a real Marvel Cinematic Universe extravaganza with everybody and anybody who’s been in a Marvel movie potentially returning to be on the biggest screen possible in the biggest cinematic universe possible.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing Chris Evans return as Captain America in the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars movie…? We’d love to hear from you!

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