The Dark Horror Thriller On Netflix That You Have To Watch Now


It Follows, which is now available to stream on Netflix, has emerged as the dark horror thriller captivating audiences with its unique blend of suspense, dread, and the supernatural.

This masterpiece of psychological horror, directed by David Robert Mitchell, harkens back to classic scary movies while infusing innovative elements that redefine the genre.

The Haunting Premise of It Follows


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A Curse Like No Other

It Follows centres on Jay Height (Maika Monroe), whose seemingly innocent sexual encounter spirals into a nightmarish ordeal.

She finds herself pursued by a relentless supernatural entity, a curse passed through intimacy, manifesting as various figures that only she can see.

Crafting the Horror


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Directorial Mastery and Aesthetic Echoes

Mitchell’s direction creates a tense atmosphere, melding suburban tranquillity with a pervasive sense of threat.

The film’s setting in Detroit’s suburbs, combined with its nods to horror classics, amplifies the eerie narrative, presenting a timeless American Gothic backdrop.

The Entity’s Terrifying Manifestations


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A Chameleon of Fear

The horror of It Follows is magnified by the entity’s ability to assume any human form, relentlessly pursuing Jay.

These manifestations, often naked and disturbing, symbolize the victims’ vulnerability, enhancing the film’s exploration of fear and paranoia.

Psychological and Social Undercurrents


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Beyond the Surface Horror

While It Follows excels in delivering suspenseful scares, it also delves into themes of sexuality, mortality, and fate.

The film’s metaphorical layers add depth to its horror, engaging viewers in a reflection on the inescapable nature of certain life experiences.

Critical Acclaim and Cultural Impact


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A New Horror Classic

Upon its release, It Follows was lauded for its inventive concept and Monroe’s compelling performance.

With a remarkable score on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s celebrated as a modern horror classic, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

Final Thoughts on It Follows, now on Netflix


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It Follows stands out in the horror genre as a film that masterfully combines classic scare tactics with innovative storytelling.

Its ability to tap into universal fears while presenting a fresh narrative perspective makes it a must-watch on Netflix.

David Robert Mitchell’s creation is not just a film but a haunting experience that lingers with viewers, cementing its status as a standout horror thriller.

For those in search of a film that combines intellectual stimulation with genuine scares, It Follows on Netflix is the perfect choice.

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