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Ben Affleck Voted Worst Batman Of All Time In New Poll


It looks like the fans have spoken, and they have decided that Ben Affleck’s Batman is the worst version of the character ever to grace our screens! Honestly, as far as I’m concerned, Affleck’s portrayal of the iconic DC Comics superhero is nowhere near the worst. I would actually have him as one of the best. However, in a recent poll conducted by Ranker, Affleck came in last place, which I find to be disheartening.

The thing about this particular poll is that a large number of people participated in it. It had over 166,000 votes and it seems as though over 27,000 people took part in the poll, which is a lot of people! In the end, Michael Keaton’s version of the Dark Knight came out on top of the list. He was very closely followed by Christian Bale.

Ben Affleck’s Batman voted the worst live-action Batman of all time


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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In third place, we have Kevin Conroy. Adam West ended up in fourth position on this list. He was followed by Robert Pattinson in fifth. That’s when Ben Affleck comes into the picture. However, since this poll was first published, it seems as though people have been voting for Ben Affleck’s Batman, and he’s now climbing up the list.

What about the rest of the list…?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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If we continue the list, we have Will Arnett in seventh, Jason O’Mara in eighth, Val Kilmer in ninth, Diedrich Bader in tenth, Troy Baker in eleventh, Luke Wilson in twelfth, Bruce Greenwood in thirteenth, Ethan Hawke in fourteenth, George Clooney in fifteenth, Rino Romano in sixteenth, Olan Soule in seventeenth, William Baldwin in eighteenth, Lewis Wilson in nineteenth, Roger Craig Smith in twentieth, Jeremy Sisto in twenty-first, Robert Lowery in twenty-second, Jimmy Kimmel in twenty-third, and Anthony Ruivivar in twenty-fourth.

So really, Ben Affleck isn’t the worst Batman of all time. He’s just been voted at the bottom of the list when it comes to actors who’ve played the role in live-action in the past twenty years, which is still not very good for Affleck.

What do you make of this news? We’d love to hear from you! Which is your favourite Batman actor of all time? Let us know your thoughts!

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