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Queen Of Tears Season 2: Will The Show Continue Or Has It Ended?


There are a whole load of terrific K-dramas on Netflix that are well worth checking out. However, one of the South Korean dramas that really got people talking recently has been Queen Of Tears, and naturally, after having watched the whole first season, people want to know whether a second season will happen or not.

Queen Of Tears is a South Korean drama that’s made by a company called tvN. They make quite a few of these sorts of K-dramas, and this latest one has proven to be incredible popular with Netflix subscribers.

The show, according to FlixPatrol’s data, currently sits in the fourth position in Netflix’s top 10 list of TV shows, which is pretty impressive.

As far as a second season is concerned, the series was billed as a limited series, which tends to mean that we’ll only get one season. It’s a sort of ‘one-and-done’ sort of thing.

Will there be a Queen Of Tears Season 2 on Netflix?


Credit: Netflix

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However, there have been limited series in the past that’ve been so popular that a second season just had to be made – and that might end up being the case here.

Well, as far as a full-fat second season is concerned, it has been revealed that Queen Of Tears Season 2 isn’t on the cards at the moment.

However, that doesn’t mean that the show won’t continue in some form or another. It’s actually been revealed that we are going to get two extra episodes after the main series concludes on April 28th – which is very exciting news indeed.

As far as Korean shows are concerned, they tend to agree on a second season before the first season’s even been made, so these two extra episodes would have been in the works at the same time as the first season was being filmed.

Queen Of Tears’s ending is pretty final, and the mere fact that we’re going to get two extra episodes is more than enough for me, at least.

What has been said about these two bonus episodes?


Credit: Netflix

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The news that the two extra episodes of Queen Of Tears had been commissioned by tvN came from a post the company shared on X, which was very kindly translated by the good folks over at Dexerto.

So, the translated tweet reveals that the main cast will be returning for the two special episodes and that fans are welcome to submit questions they would like the cast to answer.

This move is likely a response to the show’s popularity and an effort to provide additional content.

However, it is unlikely that these episodes will progress the story in any meaningful sense, but rather be comprised of scenes that were maybe cut from the season or the cast responding to fan questions.

The two additional episodes are going to be released on Netflix on May 4th and May 5th, 2024.

They may represent a new way for showrunners to expand on a story or provide a little more payoff without committing to a full season. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

What could happen in these two extra episodes of Queen Of Tears?


Credit: Netflix

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If they do end up giving the greenlight to a second season, the only way the show could continue is by having Eun-sung and Seul-hee somehow continue their crusade against the Queen Group.

However, that would make the first season’s ending pretty much redundant. It would also mean that they would have to postpone the resolution between Hae-in and Hyun-woo.

I honestly don’t think that a second season would be a very good idea, but it does seem as though people want more of this series, so who am I to tell them no.

I just don’t think it would work on a story-level. That said, the additional episodes might give us a little more to work with and they could also add some storylines that would need resolving.

One of the things that I love about K-dramas is that they do tend to operate on a one season basis and they do focus on quality, not quantity.

That’s one of the great things about these South Korean series, and it’s one of the many reasons why people love them so much.

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