The Sandman Bonus Episodes Released


The Sandman bonus episodes have been released on Netflix, much to our and all other fans of the show’s joy. This kind of came out of the blue, and this is the kind of surprise that we love to see. This new series, which is based on a series of comic books by Neil Gaiman, has really been taking Netflix by storm. People are just loving the new Sandman series, and many of them were looking forward to a second season.

It still hasn’t been officially announced whether a The Sandman Season 2 is happening or not. However, we have it on good authoirty that work on the second season is already well underway. So, what’s going on with The Sandman’s bonus epoisodes? Well, it’s actually one episode that’s been split into two parts.

They are both on Netlfix as of today, which is pretty big shock to all of us here at Small Screen. We thought that the first season had finished with 10 episodes. However, the first season of The Sandman now consists of 12 episodes with these two new bonus ones.

The Sandman bonus episodes released on Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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So, these new episode of The Sandman tell Neil Gaiman’s story of A Dream of A Thousand Cats, which will be animated, and Calliope, which will be live-action. The cast for these two new episodes is also pretty spectacular. We’ve got the two leads from Amazon Prime Video’s Good Omens series, Michael Sheen and David Tennant, and they’re being jouned by their partners and fellow actors Anna Lundberg and Georgia Tennant.

They’ll voice characters alongside the likes of Sandra Oh, James McAvoy, Joe Lycett, and Diane Morgan. Calliope will star Doctor Who legends Arthur Darvill and Sir Derek Jacobi, alongside the likes of Nina Wadia and Amita Suman.

Tom Sturridge will also feature in his role as Dream. This really is a ‘dream’ come true!

Will there be more episodes of The Sandman to look forward to?


Credit: Netflix

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Showrunner Allan Heinberg did previously tease that there coule be bonus footage for The Sandman series. He revealed that he and his team “got a little greedy” and filmed plenty of extra material. Here’s what he had to say on the matter whilst talking to at The Sandman premiere in London:

It would have been too long – we got a little greedy in the shooting of it!

He was then asked about any specific scenes that were cut, to which he replied:

Some of them, I think, will be available after we air. It’s stuff that’s in the comics – there’s a lot more with the sleepy sickness patients, and Unity Kincaid, and things that pay off down the line. We managed to sneak some bits in later as well.

Moreover, writer and creator, Neil Gaiman already revealed his plans for what would happen in The Sandman Season 2. He revealed in an interview that he wants to show a rematch between Dream and Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie) and include an appearance from beloved trans character Wanda.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to seeing more episodes of The Sandman moving forward? Do you believe that The Sandman Season 2 is coming to Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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