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All The Tips That Will Help You Increase Your Rank In Rainbow Six Siege


Rainbow Six Siege is a project from Ubisoft, which offers the concept of a shooter in the genre of team confrontation and a session format of the game with a high degree of destructibility of objects and a key confrontation between the forces of special forces and a group of terrorists.

Matches will be played in rounds format, with a maximum of 15 games played to determine the winner.

The first team to win in 8 rounds will win and increase their rank in the project.

Each team will play for two sides of the conflict until one of the sides wins the match.

Your results from kills, assists and deaths, as well as round victories will affect the outcome of the match and the overall rating.

To regularly increase your rank, you need to get a lot of kills and generally play for the team, or turn to Skycoach services for help.

How to play and win for the attacking side


Credit: Ubisoft

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The role of the attackers in R6 is represented by special forces, who must enter the territory of the building and clear it of terrorists and defuse the bomb, or remove the hostages.

The site has a big advantage – the ability to act as a whole squad and break through the enemy’s defences in one place.

If the terrorists are distributed throughout the location trying to guess the direction of the assault, then the special forces can act with different tactics – attack all together, or in groups and come up with different tactics for storming enemy positions.

You will be able to use the destruction system to bypass obstacles and mine enemies.

You will be able to use the capabilities of joint attacks to blow up walls and roofs and make your way to important rooms, bypassing defences and quickly solving problems simply due to the numerical advantage and the factor of surprise.

You can play aggressive tactics and quickly break into one of the areas of the building without reconnaissance in order to take enemies by surprise and gain a foothold in a point to begin defusing a bomb, or take out hostages to win the round without allowing the enemies to come to their senses and pull themselves together to repel the attack.

You can attack slowly and thoughtfully, distributing your forces and trying to scout out the building and catch enemies trying to gather information about the attackers, and when you find the optimal point for attack, pull all your forces there and attack the enemy.

You can leave one player to catch enemies on the rope and reduce the amount of danger for your squad and boosting in R6.

Always take an agent on your team who can break barricades, because you never know in which part of the house your enemies will set up a blockade, and you will need to break it in order to move on.

Also, beware of bombs that can be placed at entry points and cause damage on contact – just stay alert and careful, and your boost in Rainbow Six Siege will progress steadily over many rounds and matches.

Don’t forget about grenades – sometimes it’s easier to throw flash-noise or fragmentation grenades at cover to inflict damage on enemies without risking your life.

How to play defence to improve your rating in Rainbow Six Siege


Credit: Ubisoft

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Terrorists who act as a defensive team, who must not only plant a bomb, or take hostages, but also hold them by destroying special forces, or waiting until the game time ends.

The difficulty of your defence in Rainbow Six will be that you need to distribute your forces to key points of the building and hold them so as not to be attacked from all directions.

You can strengthen one of the available zones to wait for the enemies to attack, and if you guess correctly, they will have little chance of breaking through your defenses due to the fact that you will have cover and the ability to mine the approaches to the bomb planting zone and cause damage to the first attacking players.

You can play aggressively and exit the building yourself without waiting for an assault to try to eliminate at least one attacking player to make the round easier for your allies.

The death of even one or two enemies will greatly help your defence due to the numerical advantage and fortifications.

Don’t forget to mine and set up barricades, which will complicate assaults and allow you to knock out attacking players if they are inattentive.

Try to collect all possible information as much as possible using visual detection and drones in order to promptly learn about the plans of the attacking team and promptly pull all the players for proper defense to increase the chances of winning the round.

Rank boost


Credit: Ubisoft

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If you play well in every match and collect kills and assists, then if you win the match you will increase your rank, and if you lose, then your rank in R6 will remain the same.

If you constantly find yourself with players who don’t give enough in the match, and you do all the work for them, then you will maintain your rank, but will not be able to progress.

In this case, the rank-boosting service in Rainbow Six Siege Skycoach will help you.

You simply select the rank you need and pay for the order and transfer your account to a professional player to perform the service.

It is safe because the Skycoach service provides you with financial guarantees and the safety of personal data and not transferring it to third parties.

While the rank is being upgraded, you can go about your business, or monitor the status and progress of the transaction, and when the execution is completed, you will receive a notification and will be able to log into your account and change your password.

You can choose any rank you want to achieve, even if it is the highest possible and difficult.

You will try a new type of difficulty and if it is not your level, then you will simply gradually lose it and gain experience in confrontation with other players and gradually regain your rank.

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