Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Want To Star In The Mandalorian

Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Want To Star In The Mandalorian

Nicolas Cage drops his reason why he doesn’t want to star in The Mandalorian, and it’s that he is more of a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fan. Apparently, the Oscar Winner sees himself as part of the Star Trek family.

While there was a time that Cage seemed to accept all the roles he came across – there was even a skit about that – the new vampire actor seems to be turning down one role as a possibility. No matter how close he is to The Mandalorian lead Pedro Pascal.

The actor recently dropped audience’s jaws as Chris McKay’s Dracula in the Universal Pictures and Skybound Entertainment produced Renfield trailer. The horror, fantasy comedy coming this April has an R rating to caution the moviegoers.

Nicolas Cage Isn’t Down For The Mandalorian


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But before that premiere into theaters, the actor has his latest project now in theaters. Promoting the movie, The Old Way his interview with Yahoo Entertainment led to reveal that although Pascal already floated the idea of him becoming a Mando, he still declares himself a Trekkie.

Cage and Pascal discovered their on and off screen chemistry from their 2022 movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. The new-found friendship inspired ideas on bringing Cage into the world of The Mandalorian.

When the information about a possible team up with Pascal again in the Star Wars series, Cage discloses:

I’m not really down. I’m a Trekkie, man. I’m on the Star Trek Enterprise. That’s where I roll.

He proceeds to commend the accomplishment of the Star Trek franchise as he has borne witness to its development through the years. He’s been a Trekkie growing up watching the original series starring William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk.

Cage also keeps himself up to date with the current series of the franchise as well as the movies. He continues:

I thought [Chris] Pine was terrific in the movies. I think the movies are outstanding. I like the political and the sociological [messages]. To me what science fiction is really all about and why it’s such an important genre is that really you can say whatever you want, however, you feel.

As an actor, Cage understands that the genre allows people to express their point of view is many relevant issues. It is a window where people can show others a different way of addressing concepts and beliefs in society. Cage explains:

You put it on a different planet, you put it in a different time or in the future, and without people just jumping on you, you can really express your thoughts like Orwell or whomever in the science fiction format. And Star Trek really embraced that.

Star Trek boldly goes where no man has gone before. Thus, it shows strange new worlds and explores different ways of thinking.

It could be a lot like exploring a new frontier. Something similar to adventure movies featuring the wild west.

Could Nicolas Cage See A Story Prospect In The Mandalorian?


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A kind of story where The Old Way belongs to. The latest movie starring Cage puts him in a revenge arc at the time when the wild west sees gunslingers exact what they decide they are due.

The trailer reveals he is Colton Briggs, a respected family or a feared gunslinger depending on whom one asks. Losing his wife to people taking revenge on him for is past actions push him back to his ‘old ways’.

He even brings his own daughter in the revenge mission for a life lesson he thinks she needs to learn. His daughter means to support her father’s path as a way of coming to terms of her own grief.

Interestingly, The Mandalorian presents a lot of similarities to the wild west trope (and most notably Lone Wolf & Cub, which Westerns have borrowed form for years). Like in the old west, Mando goes on his life as a bounty hunter operating in sectors of the galaxy.

He comes across a child, Grogu, whom he quickly becomes paternally protective. The family Mando chose for himself entails many adventures in itself.

If Cage sees this likeness of The Mandalorian to the sociological message he may also want to send, could there be a possibility for him to reconsider?

With that said, can you imagine Nicolas Cage in a Star Trek film? that would be great!

What do you think of Nicolas Cage’s insight about science fiction? Could he really get to appear in the Star Wars universe?


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