The Joker Is Pregnant In New DC Comics Run

The Joker Is Pregnant In New DC Comics Run

Batman’s arch nemesis Joker becomes pregnant in the fourth issue of DC’s The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing. Oh, and he gives birth to a son.

Meanwhile, the series itself focuses on the Joker himself trying to find out who is impersonating him. After each issue, it features a backup short story. Matthew Rosenberg writes The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing and the backup stories included. Notably, Carmine Di Giandomenico illustrates the main comic. The backup stories feature Francesco Francavilla.

These backup stories are just random and at times feel a little out of character. Issue two though just seems like pure genius. Anyway, can you imagine Joker falling for Powergirl or Big Barda? It’s just hard picturing Joker with anyone else except for Harley Quinn. Then again, Harley now feels better with Poison Ivy.

In the latest issue, it features another what if situation where Joker fell head over heels for Zatanna. The Joker even had intentions of having a family with her. Well, of course this doesn’t end well for Joker.

Zatanna puts on a spell on the Crown Prince of Crime that accidentally makes him pregnant.

The Joker Is Pregnant In New DC Comics Run

The Joker Is Pregnant In New DC Comics Run

Credit: DC Comics

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The next day, the Joker finds out that he’s pregnant. Not just pregnant, but his big belly is close to due. Since no one from his lineup of henchmen knows what to do with his situation, one suggested that he gets checked up with an OB-GYN. Turns out that Doctor Phosphorous, the Batman villain who is a known nuclear scientist might be a certified OB-GYN.

Doctor Phosphorous is also confused with the situation, since there is no normal way for him to birth the child. The Joker eventually vomited a form of mud. Doctor Phosphorous declared he wasn’t pregnant at all. But the mud turned into a small humanoid figure and tried to hide from everyone.

This mud changes into a child and shows up in front of the Joker. The child looks exactly like the Joker. Both Joker and the child look at each other and think “he’s so handsome.”

Many have reacted to the comic. Some are wondering what happened to DC Comics. Another even posted if this will be in the new DC movies. This went viral. It was even featured on Fox News. DC is accused of telling “woke” politics through their comics. Some even thought that Joker might be trans. I mean, are they really reading the comic? If they did they would know the context and how silly the outrage is, because…

The backup stories are Matthew Rosenberg’s tribute to the classic DC Silver Age comics. This was a time before Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke or even Bruce Timm’s Batman: The Animated Series.

The Joker Is Pregnant In New DC Comics Run

The Joker Is Pregnant In New DC Comics Run

Credit: DC Comics

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So, in a sense, Harley Quinn doesn’t exist in these short stories (so far). Joker doesn’t have that one that matches his crazy personality. So, the Joker is just a guy, trying his luck on women. It’s pretty much Joker in Twilight Zone in my perspective.

Also, the Silver Age do have weird stories like Batman turning into a crime fighting baby. If I’m not mistaken, this is the same age where Bat-Mite also came to existence and just kept giving headaches to Batman. The backup stories even use the classic Joker logo. The short stories don’t have any form of continuity to any DC universe. It is non-canon. As such, it’s a short story done for fun.

Rosenberg is playing around with ideas that are unusual, interesting, and weird. It puts Joker in strange, dark and funny situations. Of course, Joker being pregnant is obviously on the weird side of things, but it does have some laughs. It’s a short story that shouldn’t be taken seriously. It was never meant to be.

What do you think of Joker getting pregnant? Should we really take this seriously? Or is this just like being in Twilight Zone but from Joker’s point of view?


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