Matt Reeves Reveals He’s Working On The Batman 2


Matt Reeves‘ world for the Dark Knight continues to thrive as the director confirms The Batman 2 is under way. Indeed, DC Studios means to keep this separate world of the Caped Crusader alive.

Of course, this means that Robert Pattinson will return as Bruce Wayne aka The Batman in Reeves’ noir version of the billionaire vigilante. The story is still under wraps, but people expect that it will still feature the early years of Batman showcasing his detective skills.

As things are, co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are finishing off their 10-year plan. In fact, recent news says that the initial parts of the plan will take the entertainment headlines within the month.

Well, we are approaching mid-January, so…

Matt Reeves Is Working On The Batman 2


Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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The new DC Bible will weave movies, television (live-action or animated) and even the videogame stories together. Including the videogame platform in the bigger arc is not something even Marvel Studios has done… yet.

To say that 2022 is a huge transition for DC is a vast understatement. Just the transition from DC Films to DC Studios alone, the company seemed to go through a whirlwind of concepts and a rollercoaster of executions.

DCEU had its truly problematic time. And now as it will soon become DCU as it makes an attempt for a fresh slate hopefully to get things right, if not better.

Apart from all the drama of DCEU (now becoming DCU), Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe is intact. Quite like Todd PhilippsJoker.

DC’s universes (which are separate from the DCEU) remain standing strong. Even though there was a time that people had thoughts that these projects might get the axe, the box office performances always keeps their versions secured.

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson show no signs of stopping what they have started. Reeves even secured a long-term deal with Warner Bros Discovery which most likely include plans for his Gotham City.

In an interview with Collider, the noir Batman director answered their inquiry of any ongoing production. Reeves said:

…Mattson [Tomlin] and I are writing, and it’s really exciting, and I’m really excited about what we’re doing.

Even though he did not directly state the project, Collider shared that Mattson Tomlin worked with Reeves on The Batman script. And for whatever project Reeves is writing for now, it seems Tomlin is also collaborating with the screenplay.

What makes us determine the project to be The Batman 2 is what he said afterwards:

really excited to be doing that with Rob, because I just think he’s such a special person and actor.

The only actor whom he could be pertaining to is Robert Pattinson. Unless, his other previous projects have a lead actor whose nickname is Rob, we could be mistaken.

But now, we know in our guts it’s Pattinson. The actor has demonstrated the genuine interest in delving into the Batman lore.

There was even an interview where he was keen on following the tragic story of Robin for his Batman. On the prospect of Pattinson’s Batman getting his Robin, he answered:

Yeah, but he has to be 13. That’s the only way I’ll accept it.

No, I love Death in the Family and stuff, but I think it’d be so cool. Also people are so scared of it, but it’s kind of exciting. I think it would be a really fun addition.

Could Matt Reeves be bringing Robin into The Batman’s world? He already has his Joker in there as Barry Keoghan portrayed.

So, his Joker is ready to torment Batman. Aside from this, Pattinson also previously talked about his interest in including the Court of Owls.

With all these possibilities including the fans suggesting some of their own, we can understand how it could add to the director-writer’s excitement in developing The Batman 2.

Focusing on Batman as the world’s finest detective is what sets Reeves’ universe apart. Adding the noir film approach of showing a not-so-perfect hero who is going through his own psychological combat was icing on the cake.

Matt Reeves Excitedly Works On The Batman 2


Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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Audiences welcomed this Batman. They have the ratings and box office data to prove it.

The 2022 The Batman Tomatometer is certified fresh 85% with an Audience Score of 87% from more than 10,000 verified account ratings.

The movie may be dark, but the financial report is very bright. From a production budget of $200M, it generated $768M in the World Wide Box Office.

From an executive standpoint, this is the information that will secure the continuation of a follow up movie. In fact, it even opened doors for the streaming series, allowing Reeves to further build on his Batverse.

Reeves will bring a more extensive feature of Collin Farrell’s Penguin through a series arriving in HBO Max. Also, according to the director, there are other projects they are conceptualizing.

Thus, fans of the director’s vision of the Dark Knight need not worry. Despite the DC Studios’ house cleaning spree, Reeves’ projects remain on the table.


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