Next James Bond Actor Won’t Be Too Young

next james bond actor

The next James Bond actor will not be too young, according to the franchise’s producer! It’s been revealed by long-time James Bond producer, Michael G. Wilson, the next actor to play the role will be what he referred to as a “veteran”. This actually very good news because I was a bit worried that they might end up casting a very young actor for the role, which I don’t think would be good for 007.

Daniel Craig played the role for the last time in No Time Time Die, and he’s gone down in history as one of the very best actors ever to play the role. But, we’ve now got to think about who will play the role next. Barbara Broccoli – the other producer on the James Bond franchise – revealed that they are now casting the role. But, who will get to play the role next? Let’s investigate.

The next James Bond actor won’t be too young


Credit: MGM Studios

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Michael G. Wilson revealed during an event at London’s BFI, James Bond producer Michael G. Wilson explained (via Deadline), that 007 is a “veteran,” and not “some kid out of high school,” so we shouldn’t expect to see a younger 007 in the upcoming movies. Here’s what Wilson had to say on the matter:

We’ve tried looking at younger people in the past but trying to visualise it doesn’t work. Remember, Bond’s already a veteran. He’s had some experience. He’s a person who has been through the wars, so to speak. He’s probably been in the SAS or something. He isn’t some kid out of high school that you can bring in and start off. That’s why it works for a thirty-something.

Who do you think should play James Bond next?


Credit: MGM Studios

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OK, now it’s the fun part of the article. This is the time we try and work out which actor will end up getting the role. The first thing we can do is come up with a list of possible actors based on some key aspects that the franchise’s producers will be looking for. The first thing is that the actor will be male. Barbara Broccoli made that very clear in a previous interview. The second thing is that he’ll be in his thirties. I would suggest that they might be looking for an actor in their mid-thirties as opposed to closer to 40.

Then, I am certain that the franchise’s producers will be looking for a British actor. They might look at some Australians and New Zealanders, but I have a feeling that they might want to stick with British actors. The producers have also made it clear that the next actor to play the role doesn’t have to be white. So, with all of this in mind, here are some possible names: Richard Madden (he would be my first choice), Regé-Jean Page, Henry Cavill, Henry Golding, Daniel Kaluuya, James Norton and John Boyega. These would all be pretty good choices for the role.

However, I have a feeling that the actor who’ll end up getting the role will be someone we haven’t really heard of. I would really love it if they ended up casting someone like Richard Madden or Daniel Kaluuya. However, I feel as though the producers will be making very, very certain that they have the right man for the job because they want him to play the role for over a decade.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching the upcoming James Bond movies? Who do you think will be the next James Bond actor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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