Henry Cavill Reportedly Back As Superman In Black Adam


Henry Cavill is going to be back as Superman in Black Adam – at least, according to some new reports from multiple ‘scoopers’ on social media (via FandomWire). I know that these aren’t always the most reliable sources, but it sounds as though they are all convinced that the actor is going to be returning as the Man Of Steel in the Dwayne Johnson-led superhero movie. Let’s go over what’s being said.

So, it’s being reported that Superman will be involved in a post-credits scene in the upcoming Black Adam movie. The post-credits scene will reportedly see Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam be confronted by Amanda Waller and Superman. However, the reports also suggest that this scene will feature John Williams’ classic Superman theme and the Man Of Steel will be wearing a more classic suit. This would be the first time we’ve seen the British actor play the role since his brief appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Henry Cavill reportedly returning as Superman in Black Adam


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Marvel and DC scooper, @MyTimeToShineHello on Twitter, reported the following:

Yes Henry Cavill is back he has the classic suit with the Willams score and he says “We need to talk Black Adam”

This was then backed up by a bunch of people on social media. This actually isn’t the first time that we’ve heard that Superman was going to be involved in a post-credits scene in Black Adam. It sounds like a fantastic post-credits scene to me, and I really, really hope that it ends up happening. I cannot wait to hear Superman say “We need to talk, Black Adam”, to Johnson’s take on the DC Comics character.

Superman is going to be trying to convince Black Adam to join a new team


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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We do, however, have to address the elephant in the room here. We were informed that Superman wasn’t going to be in Black Adam. We received this information a while back, and if what the reports are suggesting is true, then it sounds as though this post-credits scene was filmed not too long ago. These sorts of scenes are often filmed at the very last minute and tend to be done in complete secrecy. It sounds as though this was the case with this Black Adam post-credits scene.

So, as far as the film’s concerned, Superman will not play an important part in it. Yes, he will be in the movie, but he won’t appear in the main feature. He’s basically going to be in a tagged-on scene at the very end of the film, and it sounds to me as though this was a last-minute addition to the movie’s theatrical release. Again, this is me taking these new reports at face value. It’s still very possible that this post-credits scene might not even be in the movie’s final cut. That said, I genuinely hope it will be because I want Superman to return to the DCEU.

Black Adam will be released in cinemas in the United States on October 19th, and in the United Kingdom on October 21st. Are you looking forward to seeing the movie?

What do you make of this report? Do you think that the British actor is really going to be returning as Superman in Black Adam? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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