James Bond At A Card Table: 007’s Favourite Games


The world’s most famous agent – James Bond is finally back in the cinemas. He has over 400 killings and over 50 confirmed romantic liaisons and the number will increase with the current movie. But action scenes and beautiful women are not a franchise is all about. Fans love seeing the agent gambling! Key plot developments and some of Bond’s most famous one-liners take place in casinos and card tables. So, let’s get in touch with Exycasinos experts and take a closer at the games James Bond is good at.

James Bond loves Baccarat

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James Bond’s favourite casino game is baccarat, and we see him at a Baccarat table in Dr. No, Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and GoldenEye. Baccarat is a game with several versions, one of which Bond often plays is called Chemin de Fer. The name derives from the French phrase ‘railway,’ which was the fastest form of transportation at the time of its invention – in the nineteenth century. Six decks of cards are shuffled, and the players are handed two cards by the dealer and given the option of receiving another card or keeping the two they were dealt. The two hands are shown after the player and banker have been settled, and the better hand wins.

In the first James Bond film, Dr. No, released in 1962, we see Bond playing Baccarat for the first time. Bond plays the role of the dealer, dealing cards to a player named Sylvia trench, who subsequently became known as the first ‘Bond girl.’ Bond seems to be having a few fortunate rounds against his opponent, who comments on his great luck before increasing the stakes and introducing herself, providing Bond the ideal opportunity to swoop in with his legendary introduction, “Bond, James Bond.”

Bond and Poker


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Apart from Baccarat, Bond seems to have played a few other games throughout his time. Casino Royale (2006) is perhaps one of the most renowned casino sequences in a James Bond film, if not the longest. Bond competes in a poker tournament, specifically Texas Hold’em, against the villain Le Chiffre. Because Le Chiffre is a terrorist financier with millions to risk, the stakes in this Poker event are very high. Bond gets his drink drugged throughout the film, almost dying as a result, and manages to go all in and lose millions of dollars. The last hand is awaited with eager anticipation; nevertheless, Bond emerges victorious with a straight flush (spades), taking home the $115 million pot and leaving Le Chiffre in despair.

James Bond loves playing Bridge

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In Moonraker, another Ian Fleming classic, 007 is tasked by M with investigating a member of her favourite bridge club who is suspected of cheating. Bond spends a few minutes with a card cheat guide, brushing up on techniques like the mechanic’s grip and nullifying the cut.

Sir Hugo Drax is soon found to be a cheat by the spy. He immediately fixes the deck against Drax, and, as is usual, every James Bond card turns out to be a winner.

Other Casino games

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In Diamonds Are Forever, we see Bond dabble in Craps, where he earns millions before gently bowing out, impressing Plenty O’Toole, the Bond girl of the film. Baccarat, on the other hand, is clearly James Bond’s favourite casino game. In the same film, Bond also plays Roulette, and a roulette strategy is named after him.


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