Jason Momoa Reportedly Closing In On Huge MCU Deal


It’s being reported that actor, Jason Momoa, is closing in on what could end up being a huge deal with Marvel Studios. This all means that Momoa could be about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

This news comes to us via Giant Freakin Robot, and their sources have, in the past, proven to be pretty much spot on. However, it has to be said that we, here at Small Screen, haven’t heard anything about this big MCU deal for the actor from any other outlets or any of our own sources.

Digging into GFR’s report, it’s pretty thin on any real specific details. They don’t know which role he’s up for, and their sources also didn’t inform them on whether this means he’s leaving the DC Universe for good.

Jason Momoa about to join the MCU?


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The reason I talk about whether this means that Momoa will be leaving the DC Universe for good is that there were reports that DC Studios’ new bosses, James Gunn and Peter Safran, were thinking about casting the actor as Lobo.

People have been calling for Momoa to play Lobo for years. I actually remember his name coming up for the role before he was eventually cast as Aquaman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. He then got to play the role in Justice League, Aquaman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

He’ll get to play the role again in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, but it does look like that will be the last time we’ll ever get to see the actor play Arthur Curry in the DC Universe. That said, I actually believe that Momoa could end up playing Lobo in the DC Universe.

Why do I believe that, you ask? Well, it is mainly because of what Momoa himself admitted in a recent interview. During an interview with ET Canada, Momoa had this to say about the future of the DCU under Gunn and Safran’s leadership:

I think with Peter Safran and Mr. Gunn at the helm now at DC, I’m very excited about that. There are a lot of cool things that are going to be coming up and one of my dreams come true will be happening under their watch, so stay tuned.

Moreover, Momoa then revealed during an interview with ComicBook.com that he’s a big fan of the comic books and teased that there’s one character he’d love to play. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

Well, everyone knows I’m a comic book fan. The comic I collected the most, and I have every comic there is… you can do your research and find out what it is.

Which Marvel character would he be right for?

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So, does this mean that I believe this report from GFR is wrong? No, it doesn’t. I’m pretty certain that Marvel Studios has been trying to get meetings with Momoa for quite some time, and I believe it’s because they have a very specific role in mind for the actor.

Which Marvel character do I believe Marvel wants Momoa for? Easy, Ben Grim. The character was previously portrayed by Michael Chiklis and Jamie Bell in 20th Century Fox Fantastic Four movies.

However, I believe that Momoa would be a much better fit for the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have already been reports that Marvel Studios is looking at Adam Driver for the role of Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming movie.

Momoa for the Fantastic Four…?

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So, it seems as though Marvel is looking to cast bigger names in their Fantastic Four movie. This makes sense since we were informed that one of the main reasons why Jon Watts left the project in the first place was because of casting and the movie’s story.

We were informed that Watts wanted to cast younger, lesser-known actors as the Fantastic Four. However, Marvel, according to our sources, wanted to cast bigger names. I’m speculating that Marvel Studios thinks that they need bigger names to attract more people to the cinemas to watch the movie.

Fantastic Four is now being directed by Matt Shakman. He directed all episodes of WandaVision and he’s an interesting choice of director to helm the MCU’s first stab at the Fantastic Four. Marvel really needs this movie to work, for the future of the MCU because the Fantastic Four could, and should, end up being really important players.

What do you make of this report? Do you believe that Momoa will be swapping the DC Universe for the MCU? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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